Unpleasant, with a purpose: How the cross evangelizes the culture

Americans in 2019 understand the value of suffering, and that’s an opening for the church to present the cross anew, writes Father Eric Banecker. The cross attracts because it goes against the spirit of the age.

In a shrinking church, put focus on liturgy among youth

Facing a grim picture of Catholic presence and participation in parishes, one might expect the new document on youth would link young people with the Mass, but it doesn't, writes Father Thomas Dailey.

Five ways poetry can increase your faith

While we don't bump into poetry every day, the slowness, rhythms and metaphors of poetry can enrich our daily life and our prayer life, as Catholic poet and editor Tim Bete explains.

Vaccination is a moral obligation

Despite the admission to a Catholic school in Kentucky of families that refuse to vaccinate their children, Catholic teaching allows for vaccinations, and encourages them to safeguard vulnerable people.

The high-priced spread, revisited

Many parents think if their children do not get into an elite university, their life will be ruined. But George Weigel touts the virtues of small, Catholic liberal arts colleges over the corruption of the elites.

‘Be reconciled with your brother’

Dialogue, empathy and forgiveness are at the heart of mended marriages, restored relationships and resolved conflicts, writes Father Eugene Hemrick.

Scary prayers that are good for you

Honest dialogue with God dispels comfortable illusions, writes Greg Erlandson, and that kind of tough conversation is just what we need.

The problem is not just whom we elect, but how we vote

The failures of the current political environment are linked to gerrymandering, says a guest editorial. Legislative redistricting is complex but the health of U.S. democracy demands attention to its electoral mechanics.

Sacraments conferred by laicized priests, bishops still valid

Christ offers grace through the sacraments to the person of good faith receiving them, so they are not invalidated by a sacramental minister who is no longer a priest, says a New Jersey theologian.

Bill in Pa. House would prevent Down syndrome ‘extermination’

Al Gnoza tells of a measure that would bar abortions for Down syndrome babies. Said one young woman at last week's rally, “I have Down syndrome, but it will not stop me from a living a life with a purpose.”