Pro-life 2.0: A ‘moral consistency’ for all of today’s issues, above politics

Greg Erlandson senses a growing recognition that being pro-life means caring for more than just the defenseless unborn, because the defenseless born aren't doing too well either. High rates of murder and suicide should be on pro-lifers' agenda.

Three takeaways from the gathering for youth in Rome

There was near-unanimous consensus of thousands of young people in which they called for engaging older mentors, confronting an age of unbelief and inviting non-Catholics and nonbelievers into dialogue.

Find the sweet spots of life and accept the sacrifices

Laura Kelly Fanucci hears a life lesson in the fact that she can't hit the high notes of a soprano; alto is her preferred range. But she can't choose only the smooth parts of life, she must sing the whole song.

Hope continues on, though cross and resurrection

The people of God gather to be with each other and do what we do when we don't know where else to go: call on the name of God. Carolyn Woo writes that in personal hard times, hope swells in shared prayer.

Why Sister Jean and Father Rob matter

Both Catholic chaplains for Loyola-Chicago and Villanova show us that sports are important in life, and there's more to life than basketball, writes an expert in sport and spirituality.

Women religious are Catholic Church’s unsung heroes

Callista L. Gingrich, U.S. ambassador to the Holy See, praises the fearlessness and extraordinary contributions of nuns on the front line of human crises around the world. Too often, sisters' work goes unnoticed and underappreciated.

If denying food to seniors with dementia is treatment, we’re all terminal

People are learning how they can demand in advance that they be starved to death if they develop dementia. Disability rights groups and writer Richard Doerflinger see this trend as troubling, for three reasons.

Liberalism’s crisis point and the church’s response

Today is a moment for religious activity, writes Deacon Eric Banecker. Political forms will come and go, but at the end of the day, only a robust public affirmation of God will bring about renewal in our society.

A daydreaming believer

We aren't supposed to be hiding in the sanctuary, fussing with the candlesticks, writes Greg Erlandson. We, the entire people Christ has gained as his own, are called to go out and share the good news.

The holiness of the ordinary in ‘Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood’

As news spreads about the tactics used by Facebook to hook users and mine their personal data, it may be time to recall Fred Rogers' saying that the space between the television screen and the viewer is holy ground.