Bishops looked into the mirror and saw ‘moral failures’

The U.S. Catholic bishops last week confirmed, according to Matthew Gambino, what most Catholics have long believed: the bishops failed to hold themselves accountable for the sexual abuse scandal.

No more turning away

Sexual abuse survivor Gina Christian reflects on several reasons why people fail to report suspected molestation and harassment.

McCarrick scandal shows the harm clericalism has done

Commentator Russell Shaw was hopping mad 25 years ago, and he still is, over the damage from the "ecclesiastical old boys network." He offers ideas for three reforms, marked by accountability and transparency.

Keep holy the commute and the car pool

A cluttered minivan full of kids headed to soccer practice can be an authentic encounter with God, writes Laura Kelly Fanucci. In the chaos of family life, much of it spent in transit, grace transforms us.

A church of sinners, clerical and lay alike

Ongoing clerical scandals, including the resignation of Archbishop Theodore McCarrick, can wrongly divide the church, writes Richard Doerflinger. The body of Christ as a whole struggles with sexual sin, and all are called to repentance and rebuilding.

Renewed betrayal

As further revelations emerge in the case of Cardinal Theodore E. McCarrick's alleged sexual abuse, not only of a minor but allegedly of numerous young seminarians and even priests subordinate to him, the church in the United States once again has been shaken to the core.

Are we listening? Are we ready to love?

It's not the fault of the ever-breaking news cycle or our cell phones when we only half listen to people who need our whole presence in conversation, writes Effie Caldarola. We must prioritize loving in the present.

Another painful revelation of sexual abuse in the Catholic Church

The church can't guarantee its members won't sin, only that sins of sexual harassment will be dealt with transparently -- whatever the cost and for however long, writes Greg Erlandson.

Same-sex identity beginning to trump 10 Commandments

Courts in Canada and the U.S. might say that sexual intimacy is not a sin outside of heterosexual marriage. Rather, it is a practice "central to (personal) identity" and "human dignity," writes John Garvey of this revision of the Decalogue.

Pot-ful of trouble in Canada

An editorial in Canada's national Catholic newspaper argues the nation's new law legalizing marijuana disregards the documented harm that legal pot will inflict on public health, family life and spiritual well-being.