Poking fun at the press, pope uses humor to spread Gospel

Pope Francis' use of good-natured humor makes him "real" to journalists and reduces the distance between them, writes Father Thomas Dailey. Playful banter can serve a pastoral mission and offer a lesson for us.

Persistence needed to make abortion unthinkable

An editorial points out the efforts that Americans are making to end the greatest human rights issue of our times as they accompany expectant mothers and children beyond their birth.

If you want what Jesus did in the Bible, look around today

Laura Kelly Fanucci now sees the work of God in other people's hands. But it took a child -- her own toddler -- to help her see that miracles of sacrifice are still happening all around us.

Seven saints of February show the high cost of love

Sister Annette Pelletier enjoys the hearty decorations of Valentine's Day. But this is also the month of martyrs who shed their blood for Christ. They show how to face the cross of our own daily hardships.

Now we know why Catholic journalism matters

Peter Steinfels' exposé of the Pa. grand jury report showed there is a crying need for professional Catholic journalism that is dedicated to truth and rebuilding trust in an age when it's in short supply.

Let the elderly teach us a ‘sense of eternity’

In the midst of our frenetic, polarized and materialistic world the elderly remind Sister Constance Veit of eternal values which are often unseen, but which alone give life beauty and true meaning.

Clearly, good writing is needed more than ever

For university president John Garvey, clarity in self-expression is essential to success in all the disciplines that young people are flocking to these days, especially the sciences.

The courageous honesty of Peter Steinfels

The distinguished editor and author thoroughly analyzed the latest Pennsylvania grand jury report on clerical sex abuse, showing that the document was "inaccurate" and "misleading," writes George Weigel.

A frightened people

Many U.S. Hispanics, most of whom are Catholic, live in a constant state of fear due to prejudice and unjust immigration laws, writes Hosffman Ospino. Our faith calls us to stand in solidarity with them.

‘Why I send my children to Catholic school’

When Effie Caldarola checked on how a Catholic school dealt with an earthquake in Alaska, she learned the impact of our tactile faith on students. One can't put a price tag on the faith experience from Catholic schools.