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How to drink like a saint

Do spirits and spirituality mix? Yes, according to Oblate Father Thomas Dailey, who shares how we can lift both glasses and hearts with friends, and honor God by taking delight in his countless blessings.

La Voz de Dios en las Voces de Nuestros Pueblos

Escuche a nuestra programa radial en español, que lleva un mensaje espiritual y pastoral a la comunidad hispana.

We can trust that the Lord hears our prayers

Father Joseph LoJacono shares how the Lord always seeks what is best for us, even when we try to manipulate him through selfish and short-sighted requests. By persevering in true prayer, we discover that the Lord has a greater plan for us.

Creating your case for support

To engage donors for your parish or ministry, you have to be able to tell your story in a way they will understand and appreciate. In this episode of "Advancing Our Church," Jim Friend and the consultants from Changing Our World share how to do just that, using real-life examples.

True love requires real action

Father Joseph LoJacono shares how we are called to concretely demonstrate our faith in our everyday lives. Rather than thinking of God in the abstract, we must follow the example of the good Samaritan, and meet others at their point of need.

How to journey with youth who have drifted from the faith

Young people aren't storming out of the Catholic Church; they're simply walking away. In this episode of Inside, Oblate Father Thomas Dailey shares how can an ancient faith speak to a new generation by evangelizing in fresh, relevant ways.

Trust in the Lord leads to peace in purified hearts

Conversion requires absolute dependence on Christ, says Father Joseph LoJacono. By conforming our hearts to the cross, we experience a security and a serenity that the world cannot give.

We are called to center our lives in the Sacred Heart

Jesus must be first in all of our plans, hopes and desires, says Father Joseph LoJacono. By keeping an eternal perspective, we come to see the Gospel message as primary, rather than optional and convenient.

The right kind of poverty

What did Jesus mean when he said, "Blessed are the poor in spirit"? Augustinian Father Arthur Purcaro of Villanova University shares with Inside how the answer transforms our hearts, and the world.

Give God a little, and he will do great things

The Eucharist shows that God showers us with blessings beyond measure, says Father Joseph LoJacono. All we need is humility, a willing heart and a desire to say "yes" to his grace.