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Inside The pope on the silver screen

A new film presents an intimate portrait of Pope Francis as "A Man of His Word." Listen to our podcast discussing what moviegoers can expect from the film, and see a list of showtimes around the region.

How the Holy Spirit works — Pentecost 2018

As Father Matt Guckin reflects on the church's feast of the "silent partner" of the Trinity, he recalls how in his own life, the Holy Spirit has stood beside us and acted through us, speaking the words we need to hear.

Inside Be an ordination crasher

Father Dennis Gill discusses how holiness in a common priesthood of all the baptized is a call shared by all of the faithful. He also welcomes everyone to Saturday's ordination of six priests, whether you know them or not.

Prayer is trending, and transformative

Search online, and you'll find millions of opinions on how to talk to God, says Father Matt Guckin. Such popularity shows that prayer is essential to daily life, enabling us to resist temptation, connect with others and draw closer to God, who is love itself.

Inside Social media and loneliness

If we have so many Facebook friends, why do we still feel so lonely? In this week's podcast, editor Matt Gambino and producer Gina Christian explore how social media shapes our sense of community and spirituality.

We are chosen by God, so that we can choose to live for God

Our faith in Christ begins as a gift, but we live it out through a constant series of choices that we make, says Father Matt Guckin. Following the Lord may be difficult at times, but we can always rejoice, knowing that we have been called by him.

Inside Persecution of Christians

From discrimination to death, persecution of Christians is at an all-time high worldwide, according to a major report. Editor Matt Gambino and producer Gina Christian discuss Christian persecution, and examine ways in which the church, as the body of Christ, can respond.

Divine judgment Sunday

Our actions have consequences both in this life and for eternity, says Father Matt Guckin, but if we remain connected to Jesus we can make good choices and, like a grapevine, bear much fruit.

Inside Speaking of vocations

What is God calling you to do? Editor Matt Gambino and producer Gina Christian discuss discerning, or listening, to God's call to ordained ministry, religious life, single life or marriage. 

Seeing God for who he really is

Our image of God will determine our relationship with him. Reflecting on the Scriptures, Father Matt Guckin shows that the Lord is not a divine police officer or an exacting accountant, but a Good Shepherd who always seeks to protect, guide and nurture us.