Francis at 5 Years

Inside – Pope Francis at Five

In this edition of Inside, editor Matt Gambino and producer Gina Christian discuss the leadership of Pope Francis, now celebrating his fifth year as the shepherd of the Catholic Church.

How to go to confession

Using his earlier training as a business analyst, Father Matt Guckin today advises that getting specific in the sacrament of penance can lead to dynamic personal transformation -- see his six steps to God's mercy.

The Ten Commandments: A practical recipe for peace

Discussions about what it means to obey God's will can seem abstract, but the law of the Lord is quite concrete -- very relevant to our everyday lives, says Father Matt Guckin.

God is telling us something good — listen to him

In explaining one of Scripture's most inscrutable readings, the Binding of Isaac, Father Matt Guckin says obedience to God is a necessary weapon in spiritual life. Humbly listening to God is in our best interest.

Lent reminds us we’re in an ongoing spiritual battle

Jesus saves us from Satan, an all-too-real enemy who wishes to destroy us. Despite our constant struggle with evil, we are not left to fight alone, says Father Matt Guckin.

Eagles fans remind us of our God-given need for community

Celebrations of the Eagles' Super Bowl win reflect our hunger for connectedness, says Father Matt Guckin. This Sunday's readings show how Jesus heals the wounds that separate us from God and from each other.

In suffering with Christ, we are transformed into true champions

The Book of Job and the underdog Philadelphia Eagles both speak in different ways to the heartache and hopelessness felt by millions. In his weekly podcast, Father Matt Guckin describes how God can use our pain to deepen our faith and shape our character.

Silence allows God’s words of love to echo in our hearts

Noise, both within and without, can keep us from hearing God's voice. In his weekly podcast, Father Matt Guckin explains that the Lord speaks to us when we enter into silence.

Who let the dogs out?

What do the "underdog" Philadelphia Eagles have to do with this Sunday's Gospel reading? In his podcast Father Matt Guckin explains that the apostles were the classic underdogs who, like us, are transformed by Jesus' call to follow him.

What are you looking for in life? Jesus invites, ‘Come and see’

Listen to a homily for this Sunday's Mass in the podcast "Take Five" by Father Matt Guckin. Like the light from a stained glass window, the life Christ offers us looks most brilliant from the inside, with him.