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Inside Home runs and holiness

What do God and grand slams have in common? Quite a lot, according to Oblate Father (and avid baseball fan) Thomas Dailey, who shares how the divine can be found on the baseball diamond.

Inside Catholic The Parable of the Barren Fig Tree

When he cursed a barren fig tree, Christ reminded us that our time is short, and that we miss out on true growth by choosing to stagnate in sin. Seminarian Steven DiMassimo from St. Charles Borromeo Seminary shares how we can move from frustration to freedom and fruitfulness.

Inside Rice Bowl, sharing the world’s table with all

The Lenten tradition, sponsored by Catholic Relief Services, does much more than collect spare change for the hungry. Anne Ayella describes how the Rice Bowl initiative radically connects individuals across the globe in a journey towards sustenance and solidarity.

Inside The Transfiguration of Christ

Can modern eyes (and hearts) blinded by digital-age special effects take in Christ's glory? Seminarian Kenneth Cavara from St. Charles Borromeo Seminary shares how we can reclaim our sense of wonder in God's holy presence.

Inside Fasting and why it’s good for you

Denying ourselves is difficult, especially in a culture of all-you-can-eat buffets. Oblate Father Thomas Dailey shares how fasting works (hint: it's not about "gaming the Lenten system"), and what fruits this discipline can bring to our lives.

Inside The Temptation of Christ

Jesus understands what it's like to experience temptation, and he shows us how to meet the challenge head-on, says seminarian Austin Robuck of St. Charles Borromeo Seminary in this reflection on the Gospel for the First Sunday of Lent.

Lent in the words of teens

Several students at Conwell-Egan Catholic High School will look to prayer, self-examination and spiritual reading as ways of growing closer to Christ during this 40-day season.

Inside Lent and Forty Days for Life

Through Forty Days for Life, a global grassroots campaign, Lenten prayer, fasting and witness can build a world that welcomes the unborn and upholds human dignity.

Inside The Lord of laughter

Does God have a sense of humor? Oblate Father Thomas Dailey shares how laughter helps to spread the good news of the Gospel, while deepening relationships and making life's journey easier.

Inside A safe haven from pornography

Archbishop Charles Chaput discusses a new initiative to protect families from pornography, and shares the Catholic faith's call to mercy and healing for those struggling with sexual addiction.