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Inside Listening to Youth

Father Thomas Dailey, OSFS shares his take on the 2018 synod in Rome, where bishops from all over the world are meeting to discuss youth, faith and vocations.

The meaning of baptism

When the disciples want to be "big shots," Jesus challenges them: can they be baptized? Father Matt Guckin says we must be immersed in Jesus' suffering so to be transformed by grace into saints.

The Flame: Old friends, new mission

In a new podcast series from archdiocesan Catholic Social Services, we share the voices of those who pass on the flame of faith and mission to the next generation. Sister Bernadine Schmalhofer and Deacon Anthony Willoughby recall how their paths ultimately crossed over decades of work with at-risk youth.

True peace comes from seeing reality through God’s eyes

The serenity prayer, a popular plea for divine guidance, echoes the biblical call to seek wisdom, says Father Matt Guckin. When we ask the Lord to focus us on the "big picture," we can share in his gift of eternal life right now.

Inside God on the gridiron

Does Jesus wear an Eagles helmet? Father Frank Berna of La Salle University shares with producer Gina Christian how we can encounter the divine through sports -- and how we can stop being couch potatoes at Mass.

Who needs marriage? All of us, including God

The sacramental union of man and woman is good for individuals, society and even the Lord, says Father Matt Guckin. The marital bond creates an environment in which divine love can flourish, blessing all of humanity.

Inside #MeToo and ‘Humanae Vitae’

Pope Paul VI's encyclical on contraception predicted the #MeToo movement. Steve Bozza of the archdiocesan Office for Life and Family discusses the document, which will be the focus of an Oct. 13 conference in Philadelphia.

Inside End of life decisions and documents

What are living wills, advance directives and physician orders for life-sustaining treatment? Steve Bozza, director of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia's Office for Life and Family, shares a Catholic perspective on making informed and compassionate end-of-life decisions.

Evil is real, but Christ’s love is more powerful

In an age of science and reason, we tend to "domesticate demons," says Father Matt Guckin. But throughout the Gospels, Jesus confronts the powers of darkness, and he enables us to do the same.

Mary is a model of ‘holy ambition’

The Blessed Mother shows us how to strive for God's glory, not our own, says Father Matt Guckin. The church, wounded by scandal, needs this selfless zeal more than ever.