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Through weakness, Paul and other saints found true strength in God

Our limitations keep us close to God and free from pride, says Father Matt Guckin. Through them, we learn to depend on the Lord, who works through our shortcomings to draw us into a deeper relationship with him and with others.

Small ritual of Mass, breaking bread into the cup, has huge meaning

Recall how the priest breaks a piece of the host and places it in the chalice. Father Matt Guckin unpacks the symbolism of how Christ's body and blood, once torn apart, are now restored in the Resurrection, as are we.

Inside Summertime spirituality

Does faith wear flip flops, and can you bring your Bible to the beach? Father Dennis Gill describes how summer can offer new and refreshing ways to draw closer to the Lord.

Inside Fake news and how to spot it

We've all heard about "fake news," but what exactly is it, and how can we spot it? Communications expert Father Thomas Dailey, O.S.F.S. shares his insights with editor Matt Gambino and producer Gina Christian.

Inward humility and outward boldness mark the Christian life

John the Baptist lived the message he preached, says Father Matt Guckin. As disciples of Christ, we too are called to put aside self and to serve God in others.

Selfie spirituality: Inside

In the age of the selfie, how can the church reach "real people"? Social media expert Father Thomas Dailey, O.S.F.S. shares his thoughts on the relationship between the actual self, the virtual self and the Gospel.

Gratitude and sacramental grace can help us to overcome depression

Several recent celebrity suicides have highlighted the age-old issue of depression, says Father Matt Guckin. Counting our blessings, spending time in God's word and receiving the Eucharist can address the spiritual aspects of this disease.

The sin against the Holy Spirit

Father Matt Guckin explains the "unforgivable sin" against the Holy Spirit, which we hear in the Gospel for this Sunday. The Spirit leads us to a recognition of our sins, for which it is never too late to repent.

On patriotism, sacrifice and the Eucharist

Memorial Day points toward the sacrifice that Jesus made on the cross, says Father Matt Guckin. We celebrate the Lord's selfless, redeeming love on the feast of Corpus Christi and at every Mass.

The royal wedding and the Holy Trinity

Father Matt Guckin discusses the royal sermon last weekend that described how true love -- reflected in the Trinitarian love of God -- unites us and brings into the communion we all want, correcting the fragments of broken love in our world.