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You can talk about religion and politics, but carefully

Father Thomas Dailey shares with Inside how it's possible to live out the Catholic faith in the voting booth as well as in church, and how you can "stand for what you believe without running over other people."

Stay awake, get ready

Catholic author and speaker Gary Zimak explores the Scripture readings for Advent and offers advice for making this season your most fruitful time of preparation ever.

La Voz de Dios en las Voces de Nuestros Pueblos

Escuche a nuestra programa radial en español, que lleva un mensaje espiritual y pastoral a la comunidad hispana.

Giving to charity from the heart, while using your head

What does philanthropy look like amid secularization and scandal in the Catholic Church? Sarah Hanley, president and CEO of the Catholic Foundation of Greater Philadelphia, shares with Inside how passion and purpose make it possible to donate in any season.

Holiness for the harried

Whether you're at work, raising children, stuck in traffic, or all of the above, a deep relationship with God is still within reach, as Oblate Father Thomas Dailey shares in this episode of Inside -- and a group of cloistered Philadelphia nuns can show you how to attain it.

Heaven is worth dying for

Eternal life with the Lord cannot be described in human terms, says Father Joseph LoJacono. Only by laying aside our limited understanding and selfish will can we experience joys beyond any on this earth.

The end is coming, but don’t panic

If we look hard enough, we can find signs of the world's ultimate demise, says Catholic author and speaker Gary Zimak. But Jesus cautions us not to pinpoint a date, and to instead remain vigilant and prepared at all times.

Sister nurses of the Civil War

Religious Sister of Mercy Dolores Liptak shares the stories of Catholic women religious who served the wounded and dying of both the Union and the Confederacy in this podcast from the National Catholic Bioethics Center.

Anthem on ‘The Gospel According to Kanye’

The Archdiocese of Philadelphia's youth and young adult ministry takes on the big questions about spirituality, religion and Christianity with honesty and humor. In their latest podcast, the Anthem team asks what musical artist Kanye would say about the Good News.

God’s mercy and majesty call us to be humble and holy

Father Joseph LoJacono shares how God's overwhelming power, wisdom and love lead us to submit to the divine will that seeks to sanctify us.