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The desert of Lent reveals God’s footprints

Eric Tamney, a seminarian from St. Charles Borromeo Seminary in Wynnewood, shares with Inside how the temptation of Christ calls us to focus us on our relationship with the Father.

Archbishop Perez greets his new flock

After being named the new shepherd of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, Archbishop-elect Nelson J. Perez recorded his thoughts on returning to the church "that formed and ordained him."

Happy Valentine’s Day, from Jesus and St. Francis De Sales

Father Thomas Dailey shares with Inside how a 17th-century bishop provides some of the best advice on finding lasting love, which the Lord pours out upon all through the heart of his Son.

Salt and light show how God wants to recreate us and the world

The familiar symbols point us to seek life and wisdom in Christ, says Father Joseph LoJacono. As we are drawn to him, God purifies and reshapes our intellect, will and heart, along with creation itself.

Anthem on ‘The Gospel According to Stranger Things’

The Archdiocese of Philadelphia's youth and young adult ministry takes on the big questions about spirituality, religion and Christianity with honesty and humor. In their latest podcast, the Anthem team looks at the worldview offered by the Netflix series "Stranger Things."

Wisdom, watchfulness enable us to see Christ

Simeon and Anna were able to see in the infant Jesus the Savior of the world, says Father Joseph LoJacono. Like them, and like Mary, we can enter more deeply into the mystery of salvation, and become Christ's presence in the world.

Shine your light in a dark world

Catholic author and speaker Gary Zimak shares how you can brighten the darkness for others by following Christ's example.

Faith and film: A Catholic take on the Oscars

Grab your popcorn and join Inside for a look at this year's Academy Award contenders with John Mulderig, a longtime movie critic for Catholic News Service.

Making music for Mass – and video games – with faith

Composer Tony Manfredonia shares with Inside how he lets the Spirit inspire his work, whether he's writing a new Psalm setting or the soundtrack for a zombie apocalypse.

‘Thy will be done’: Easier to pray than put into practice

Catholic author and speaker Gary Zimak examines the importance of following God's will -- John the Baptist did it, Jesus did it and you can too.