Catholic professionals host Gary Zimak as speaker for event

The Catholic Professionals of Philadelphia will host a networking event featuring the popular Catholic evangelist and author on May 13 at MEI Catering Twining Hall in Trevose, Bucks County.

The end is coming, but don’t panic

If we look hard enough, we can find signs of the world's ultimate demise, says Catholic author and speaker Gary Zimak. But Jesus cautions us not to pinpoint a date, and to instead remain vigilant and prepared at all times.

Baby’s baptism prompts fresh look at 1st sacrament

Gary Zimak found a new appreciation of baptism by attending his infant nephew's christening. Afterward the writer reviewed the catechism's teaching on the great gift of baptizing babies.

Don’t stop praying!

The parable of the unjust judge is disturbing, but it awakens us to the need to stay in constant contact with the Lord, says Catholic author and speaker Gary Zimak.

5 things to expect when you step out of the boat

The story of Peter stepping out of the boat and onto the water is familiar and extremely relevant in the life of every Christian, writes Gary Zimak. Jesus asks us to trust him regardless of life's scary storms.

Don’t forget about those in need

Sometimes we get so focused on our own needs that we forget about the needs of others. In a parable, Jesus reminds us to care for the outcast, says Catholic author and speaker Gary Zimak.

Helping the poor through a dishonest steward

In a key parable, Jesus seems at first to be applauding sinful behavior. But a closer listen reveals how the Lord is actually trying to focus our attention on those in need, says Catholic author and speaker Gary Zimak.

The prodigal son, God’s mercy and you

We hear about God's mercy and love so often that we sometimes fail to appreciate it, says Catholic author and speaker Gary Zimak. The Lord's mercy is infinite, but there is something we must do in order to receive it.

Learning to wait on God

It can be hard to wait for anything, but Gary Zimak has good news for the impatient: since patience is a gift of the Holy Spirit who is within us, we already have what we need. Ask for God's grace, and remember his sense of humor.

The cost of discipleship leads to peace

In his latest podcast, Catholic author and speaker Gary Zimak explores what Jesus meant when he said, "Follow me," and how we receive more than we can imagine by giving up all we have.