Summer stories of grace and giving in action

Throughout the area, the work of the Gospel is lived out in ministries made possible by supporters of the Catholic Foundation of Greater Philadelphia, writes Sarah Hanley.

A ‘right to contraception’ negates a right to be pro-life

After the overturning of Roe v. Wade, a number of lawmakers are rushing to pass legislation guaranteeing contraception access -- and trampling on religious freedom in the process, writes Richard Doerflinger.

Faith shines brightly at the funeral Mass

Amid grief, the sobering beauty of the liturgy for the dead assures us we have a Savior who died so that we shall live, writes Greg Erlandson.

A ‘sunny child’ from Ukraine lays bare all hearts

Four-year-old Liza Dmitrieva, who had Down syndrome, was instantly killed by a July 14 Russian missile strike on civilians in Vinnytsia -- and her death ultimately reveals the true priorities of all nations, writes Gina Christian.

To rest is to be human

We have a natural drive to achieve, but we seem to have forgotten when to stop and realize we are more than our accomplishments. Hosffman Ospino reflects on the Scriptural appreciation for the value of rest.

Meatless Fridays: The healing sign we need, again

The rule for abstinence on Fridays has never really gone away, and in this age of anxiety and loneliness this small sacrifice can be a profound way to grow in communion with other members of the church, writes Father Eric Banecker.

Fight climate change as fervently as abortion

The climate crisis is a moral obligation for pro-lifers, writes Michael Wright. Those who value life and creation must urge policymakers to prove they are pro-life through climate action now, because time is running out.

The hunger for freedom in Ukraine, and the world

A June 27 missile attack on a Kremenchuk shopping mall points to Russia's broader aim: using hunger as a weapon for oppression worldwide, writes Gina Christian.

Giving birth to a new movement

Whether America's fierce divisions on abortion worsen or calm will only become clear with time. But Greg Erlandson argues it is time to step up help for mothers and children, for whom opponents should become allies.

Echo of Watergate today shows why journalism matters

As televised Congressional hearings are riveting us again, Effie Caldarola reflects that good journalism is important as ever in helping people to reject conspiracy theories and websites that provide no sources or details.