Action on climate change, motivated by faith, emerges from COP26’s mixed bag

The recent U.N. Climate Conference showed a positive shift toward awareness of the gravity of the climate crisis and the imperative to act now, writes Michelle Dugan of EcoPhilly. She tells how local parishes can get organized to care for creation.

The real dilemma behind politicians and Communion

Behind the raucous debate is the loss of belief in the real presence of Christ in the Eucharist and the wider crisis of ongoing adult faith formation, writes Greg Erlandson, who points out Catholic media is one of the only ways that people learn church teaching.

I’m old, thank God

Augustinian Father Paul Morrissey knows he is old, but he is grateful for the wisdom that his age brings, and for the life and faith of the dear old souls that he sees at church.

Hail, the King of me

The image of Christ as king of the universe may be too big for us to grasp, writes Father Thomas Dailey, but we can hear Jesus' voice in our hearts and stand in his presence.

Jesus walked among us. We’re walking away

After tracing the steps of Jesus on a visit to the Holy Land, John Garvey is perplexed by Catholics abandoning the Mass in person. Without the sacrament of the Eucharist, the faith isn't much better than a YouTube video.

How to keep the faith in a faithless age

How do we maintain faith amid social chaos and mind-blowing godlessness? Father Eugene Hemrick offer some questions that can reorient us toward the great gift of faith, which takes diligence to maintain.

3 tips on showing gratitude in this season

During this month of Thanksgiving, Sarah Hanley of the Catholic Foundation of Greater Philadelphia suggests tuning out noise, turning to prayer and embracing forgiveness as ways we express our thanks to God for his blessings.

Among the bullets, our hearts are in the crossfire

The relentless cycle of gun violence points to a problem that lies not weapons, but in the depths of our being, writes Gina Christian.

Joy in a ‘fulfillment center?’ No, it’s in service to the poor

In the desert that is our consumer culture, there are paths to true joy, writes columnist Effie Caldarola. Christians should rejoice in building a church that is devoted to the Gospel, about which Pope Francis has written so well.

Synod not about a final report, but changing how we listen

The current global synod underway in the church is more about the journey than the destination -- like the Gospel encounter on the road to Emmaus -- writes Matthew Gambino. It's a permanent countercultural trait that is beginning now.