Tell those family stories – they link old to young

Sister Constance Veit points to studies that show young people, despite their screens, really are listening and learning when their elders tell relatable, funny tales. And Christmas is the best time for them.

The reformed liturgy, 50 years later

Even as some long for a nostalgic past where the liturgy was celebrated poorly in Latin, today's Mass in the Ordinary Form can be celebrated so that the awe of the divine presence is palpable, writes George Weigel.

Investing in the future of our local church

Sarah Hanley explains how the Catholic Foundation of Greater Philadelphia combines investment management and fundraising services to ensure that our faith will be available for generations to come.

Power of patience tops the speed of today’s tech

Our technological progress compels us to answer texts and emails instantly. But sitting alone quietly in a room can lead to great creativity, writes Brett Robinson on a theme of Advent.

Advent’s challenge: Set aside rancor, and listen

Catholics have grown adept at berating each other, writes Greg Erlandson. The Advent liturgies are speaking to us, if only we have ears to hear their messages of reform and hope. Can we slow down and listen?

30 million U.S. Hispanic Catholics here and now

The percentage of Hispanics who self-identify as Catholic is declining, according to a recent survey. It is time to engage them in the building of the church before more alarms go off, writes Hosffman Ospino.

Bishops strive for unity in a time of division

Unity within the church takes hard work, so an editorial recognizes the value in spending less time in "sidebar conversations that serve to separate" and more time orienting to the cornerstone of the church, Jesus Christ.

On big families and happy, educated women

Why would professional women raise many children who will support other people’s retirement? John Garvey presents a researcher and mother of eight who is answering that question, with hope.

Why pray for the dead?

We are never alone, even in death. So we have a duty to the dead by our prayers, writes Elise Italiano Ureneck on purgatory, the state where God "can put the pieces back together again."

Making peace in our homes for the holidays

With public discourse increasingly fractious and families straddling gaps of age and opinion, fear of contentious holidays have merit. Maureen Pratt advises how we can make good memories in the family home.