Third Hispanic archbishop signals rise of Hispanics in U.S. church

As Catholicism of the 21st century becomes increasingly Hispanic, there is something both powerful and political in the appointment of leaders such as Archbishop Nelson Perez, writes Hosffman Ospino.

Don’t play loose with the truth

Lack of honesty can destroy families, society and the very fabric of life, writes Father Eugene Hemrick. Christ calls us to live justly, countering indifference with prophetic zeal.

Parishes should invite people with disabilities to volunteer

Every parish needs helpers in ministry, but the obstacles presented to people with special needs can be overcome so volunteers can offer as much as they can, opening doors to untold graces, writes Maureen Pratt.

Combat sin of racism anew during Black History Month

The writer of a guest editorial, having been taught by a black Catholic sister under consideration for sainthood, urges everyone to study holy Catholic black leaders and promote all policies to end racism.

Superstars like us

Elise Italiano Ureneck might not share much with celebrities like the late Kobe Bryant, except suburban Philadelphia roots, but she does share with Catholic figures a common frailty and hope in the resurrection.

Couples can save couples from sinkhole of divorce

Citing the high costs of divorce to families and society, Greg Erlandson writes committed married couples should be invited to mentor newlyweds before the altar and into the difficult years to come.

It’s a dark time to be Hispanic, but there are rays of light

Moises Sandoval charts the alarming increase in violence against Hispanics in the U.S. The emotional impact of attacks deemed by some not only as permissible but patriotic has Hispanics wondering who will be next.

On a winter morning, the gift of faith

Effie Caldarola woke on a recent cold morning to pray and ponder the gift of faith -- with an assist from a story by Archbishop Nelson Perez. Each day is a gift for people of faith, and those without.

Talking about God and grief with children

February brings the anniversaries of the deaths of Laura Kelly Fanucci's twin children, and hard questions from her sons about their sisters. There's no hiding the truth, but much sharing of God's comfort.

What’s your story? And what does it mean?

Our lives are story we write every day, and we discover meaning in life when we forge a new perspective and learn to see a unifying whole amid seemingly unrelated occurrences, writes Father Thomas Dailey.