A career to consider

The ongoing pandemic has exposed significant disparities in health care throughout the world, and the hard decisions people must make. That's why Catholic medical ethicists are so important, writes Maureen Pratt.

Your World Mission Sunday gift will build the church

The Catholic community celebrates the annual observance of the church's mission work throughout the world this Sunday, Oct. 18, and Catholics in the Philadelphia Archdiocese can contribute to the effort personally.

A letter to youth, our future hope

Sister Marie Lorraine Bruno has hope for young people today. She offers five ways they can change the world, even in a time of chaos, confident that God will never give up on his creation.

Support the elderly amid COVID in this Respect Life Month

Seniors are isolated, lonely and hungry especially during the pandemic. Heather Huot advises making a "concrete gesture of tenderness" by reaching out to an older person in love.

Catholic education is an investment with a lifelong payoff

With five children enrolled at Holy Innocents Parish School in Philadelphia, Maria and Omar Rivera are committed to Christ-centered instruction that ensures a solid foundation for the future.

Mystic vision of century-old saint shines for our time

Oct. 16 marks the feast of St. Margaret Mary Alacoque, who witnessed three visions and messages of Jesus. Father Thomas Dailey sees the unity of those visions with Pope Francis' new encyclical.

State senators debate Catholic student stimulus bill

The Pa. Catholic Conference supports a state Senate bill that would make $1,000 per-student available to eligible families to help them afford educational expenses at nonpublic schools.

A most terrible choice, with respect for life

George Weigel praises the "least abhorrent choice” by President Harry Truman to use the atomic bombings in Japan to prevent tens of millions of deaths and bring an end to World War II.

Guns, looting and kids — what’s happening to us?

A baby-faced 17-year-old is charged with murder in a climate where violence is begetting violence. Effie Caldarola says Catholics must be a force for moral clarity as we approach a contentious election and more protests.

A look at new millennium’s fearless future leaders

Present leaders are unprepared for the overwhelming challenges confronting the world today. Father Eugene Hemrick looks at seven traits of the future young leaders who've been tempered by their experience in this century.