500,000 dead from COVID — where’s the Catholic lament?

Laura Kelly Fanucci watched the president's memorial ceremony but saw next to nothing from the national or local church. We need rituals to mourn, and we can draw from the beauty of our tradition.

In age of relative truths, we’re at each other’s throats

If each person has his or her own "truth" then nothing can be reasonably debated, writes Richard Doerflinger. He argues that Catholics who understand objective truths must engage with the culture.

Enriching our ‘domestic church’ this Lent

A deeper reflection on the life of St. Joseph, the Holy Family and the church's teaching about marriage and family life can enrich how we live the call to discipleship in our own families.

Clergy abuse survivor embraces Lent, and God’s plan, again

As Michael McDonnell's journey in recovery moves through Lent, it is a time for him to pray for others who have suffered at the hands of their abusers in the church.

There’s new grass on the field, and hope for humanity

A man after our own heart, Jesuit Father Rick Malloy, hopes for a World Series championship for the 2021 Phillies. Baseball fans know all about Lent's call for patient endurance and the promise of salvation.

Fighting words, and lessons from a marriage

Simple yet powerful lessons from Greg Erlandson's years of marriage, and dealing with conflict, can be instructive for many of the civil disagreements we face -- including, that your wife is right.

Worsening hunger accompanies the pandemic

The economic hardships that cause a rising number of Americans to go without food reminds Moises Sandoval of the Great Depression of his youth. Those hard times have returned to his own family now.

Keep childlike joy in our greatest hope: the return of Jesus

Like Katie Prejean McGrady's little daughter awaiting the ice cream truck, we too don't know when our Lord will come again, but we pray diligently with hearts ready for the promised day.

To listen, to teach: Church journeys with humanity in year of pandemic

An American member of the Pontifical Academy for Life says its works reminds all people to discern the call of the good in uncertain times, to share in serious thinking and to speak with hope in the tenderness of God.

Celebrating 100th anniversary with Pope Francis

Reflecting with the pope on the mission of Catholic News Service to serve the church was a rare and privileged opportunity, writes Greg Erlandson, who pledges to continue honoring the trust of readers.