Caring for Mom as Mom cared for me

Greg Erlandson's elderly mother might not remember his name, but she knows this man across the table holding her hand loves her, and with the same selflessness with which he was loved.

Hospital chaplains display fearless faith

Whether virtually or in person during the pandemic, chaplains have brought spiritual care and sacramental support to critically ill and dying COVID-19 patients while also ministering to families and health care workers, writes Maureen Pratt.

Think of ‘corona’ as the Crown of Mary, our treasured rosary

Consider praying the World Mission Rosary which aids the Pontifical Mission Societies by supplying support and prayers for the poor 1,111 mission territories in the world, writes Msgr. Arthur Rodgers.

Assisted suicide: A deadly agenda hiding in plain sight

Legal safeguards for controlling suicide are now loopholes to be skirted or, in new laws, barriers to remove and ensure “access.” But this was advocates’ plan from the start, writes Richard Doerflinger.

The quest to be ‘somebody’ online forgets who we really are

People wish to celebrities or "influencers," but they forget they are loved by God and have their dignity in him, not on a screen. Brett Robinson advises that we use the internet to remember who we are and where we're going.

Words of help for the worried and sleepless

Anxiety and insomnia have become common during the pandemic for many people. Effie Caldarola offers some tips and prayers for good health, including Jesus' advice: "Do not worry about your life."

The essential wholeness of palliative care

Palliative care demands attention to every aspect of the person's life, including the role of spirituality, which is an important resource for people facing serious illnesses.

Lou Gehrig’s life lesson holds up today

In a time in which people increasingly take shelter with like-minded people -- from the news we read to the parishes we attend -- the great ballplayer's life shows we should try to bloom wherever we're planted, writes Elise Italiano Ureneck.

Navigating a post-pandemic world as a nonprofit

After a year living with the pandemic, things are beginning to return to normal. Sarah Hanley describes how for non-profits, normal now looks different than it did before.

Arise, receive the vaccine, save lives

Many people in our society, including in Catholic communities, reject or downplay the importance of vaccination during the present pandemic, writes Hosffman Ospino. Vaccines are a priority to protect life and the common good.