People concerned about climate also yearn for community

Dan Misleh tells how young adult Catholics and others gather with the Catholic Climate Covenant to learn how to confront the climate challenge, then afterward seek to deepen their connections.

If Roe falls: Not a time to strut, but to support women

If the Supreme Court overturns legal abortion in the U.S., everyone must do their part to reflect the Catholic vision of society in which all people are cared for sacrificially as Christ did, writes Father Eric Banecker.

The power of a mother in Ukraine

Valeria Glodan called her pregnancy "the best 40 weeks of her life," and said her daughter brought her to "a new level of happiness" -- a prize no Russian forces could ever win through war, writes Gina Christian.

Let’s talk about the resurrection in our lives

The stories of God bringing new life into our lives -- of reunion, forgiveness -- are good news meant to be shared, writes Laura Kelly Fanucci, and the Easter season is a good time to start.

On Mother’s Day, offer a gift to Mary, our mother

May is the month to celebrate our earthly mothers and in which the church celebrates Mary, the Mother of God. Sarah Hanley suggests making a lasting gift in their honor.

The Russian path not taken

As the Soviet Union was crumbling, an Orthodox priest committed to renewing Russia's culture was murdered. From that act, George Weigel sees the growth of today's brutal regime.

Don’t get used to genocide, in Ukraine or anywhere

Ukraine's First Lady Olena Zelenska and others have implored the world not to become accustomed to human misery, and history shows the consequences of "normalizing the darkness of the heart," writes Gina Christian.

Meeting of pope and Moscow patriarch a bad idea

A proposed meeting of Pope Francis and Patriarch Kirill would have joined a religious leader and an instrument of Russian state power and done nothing for peace, writes George Weigel.

In times of war, ‘how many divisions has the pope?’

Recalling Stalin's scoff of spiritual power, a commentary suggests there are six actions Christians anywhere can take in the face of Russia's aggression in Ukraine. We can reject the belief that real power is found only at the end of a gun.

In the land of two chasms, local Catholic media is a bridge

America is marked not just by a political divide but also that of news consumption. In the church, polarization is best moderated by robust diocesan media, writes Greg Erlandson.