Love of words in the world pass from father to son

Donnell Suggs' 7-year-old son, Chase, has taken up his father's oldest tradition: journaling all of his adventures. Suggs knows he's blessed by God to provide gifts to his family, including writing as a way of life.

Get creative, and hear from Catholics on the margins

The church listens to those already on committees, but not to those who feel distanced. The church must hear their voices too, writes an Arkansas bishop, then take what they to say into eucharistic prayer.

Success of the National Eucharistic Revival depends on each of us

As our lives reflect our encounter with Christ in the Eucharist, the revival will help others to understand that the Eucharist is no mere symbol but a person whom they, too, will desire to encounter more deeply.

Father’s Day through the lens of St. Joseph

Pope Francis has written of seven ways that the foster father of Jesus is a model for fathers and father figures, and Sarah Hanley tells how everyone can live their lives as he demonstrated.

Gratitude helps us see goodness in tragedies of present and future

Dan Misleh tells how a trauma doctor in Uvalde, Texas saw beauty even in the horror or that school shooting. With the grounding of love and action we can save children of today and tomorrow.

In the battle of life, choose the side of Christ

From the death penalty to gun control, pray to understand Jesus' position, then take a stand, writes Effie Caldarola.

Weddings are an opportunity for witness to Gospel joy

The beauty of a well-celebrated Catholic Mass for a marriage can attract many "nones" and fallen-away faithful in the pews, writes Greg Erlandson.

Ukrainian refugees entering U.S. should have permanent status

Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio explains the refugee resettlement process, as the U.S. has welcomed 80,000 Afghanis plus up to 100,000 Ukrainians.

A perfect storm on abortion

The leaked draft opinion in the Supreme Court abortion case has prompted extreme reactions muting discussion of the opinion, which has four causes, writes Richard Doerflinger.

Disappearance of balanced Catholic media is loss for all

As Catholic News Service ends its U.S. operations this year, Hosffman Ospino sees the need for news that is neither conservative nor liberal, but truly Catholic.