To everything a season: to weep, to social distance, to dance

This season indeed is a time to die and a time to grieve, but it is also a time to live fully, writes Moises Sandoval. At Thanksgiving, we have much more to be thankful for than in ordinary times.

Bishops’ balancing act on Biden’s policies just beginning

President-elect Joe Biden once opposed the abortion industry's extremism. The church's task will be to call him to the better angels of his nature, writes Richard Doerflinger.

Catholic social teaching can restore our nation’s soul

The tenets of Catholic social justice, which dovetail with America's dearest values, can replace the misguided and exhausted ideology of unfettered free market libertarianism, writes Basil Merenda.

Ministry for caregivers makes house calls amid COVID

Even amid COVID restrictions, Catholic outreach Nourish for Caregivers continues to help those who give their lives to help loved ones, writes Aimee Gustitis.

Heal politically divided families, communities through friendship

The malady of division did not happen overnight, and it will take decades to heal, writes Hosffman Ospino. Catholics can model a nobler way for church and society: the way of Christ, the way of communion.

When 24/7 news is too much, use your freedom to unplug

After just one hour of news, Father Eugene Hemrick felt fear, jubilation, anger, sorrow and overall anxiety. We're fee to consume the news blitz, and the duty sometimes to walk away from it.

What the McCarrick report means for the church

Though left unexplored in the report are McCarrick's money trail and many silent witnesses, for Greg Erlandson it is a call for continued transparency and reform in the church.

After the election, approach Thanksgiving with gratitude

Amid increasing COVID-19 fears, how can we incorporate this most American of holidays into a journey of healing for our politically divided country? Through gratitude, writes Effie Caldarola, not negativity.

Friday the 13th: An omen or amen?

While an ominous date plays on the imagination of forces beyond our control and fear of supernatural power, people of faith embrace both in a mighty word meaning “may it be so,” writes Father Tom Dailey.

Together, apart for the holidays

Visits with loved ones in groups won't be possible in this year of COVID. Intentionally synchronizing activities is one answer to distanced holidays, and there are blessings to be found, writes Maureen Pratt.