Hispanic Catholics

Court sides with Trump on right to end TPS

In a Sept. 14 ruling, a federal judge determined that Temporary Protected Status can be revoked for immigrants from El Salvador, Haiti, Honduras, Nicaragua, Sudan and Nepal.

Colombian church leaders call for reconciliation, truth following protests

Following deadly uprisings in Bogota over police violence, bishops prayed for victims while urging demonstrators not to take justice into their own hands.

La Voz de Dios en las Voces de Nuestros Pueblos

Escuche a nuestra programa radial en español, que lleva un mensaje espiritual y pastoral a la comunidad hispana.

Local Nicaraguan Catholics call cathedral attack ‘action of the devil’

A July 31 firebombing in Managua is part of a larger assault against the Catholic faith in Nicaragua, say area expats, but believers there "are willing to die" for Christ.

Immigrant advocates oppose Trump’s new census memo

The July 21 memorandum, which prevents immigrants without legal documentation from being counted in the 2020 census, is expected to face legal challenges.

Court orders Trump administration to accept new DACA applications

A federal judge's July 17 decision, coming four weeks after the Supreme Court's ruling that the program could stay in place, means some 60,000 young people over age 15 will now qualify for DACA status.

Destroying Serra statues sign of ‘woundedness,’ confusion, says Phila. priest

Controversial missionary St. Junipero Serra was a man of his time who evangelized indigenous people as best he could, according to Serra researcher Father Matthew Guckin.

Local DACA youth ‘can breathe’ for now after Supreme Court ruling

A June 18 decision to uphold the program, which protects qualified undocumented youth from deportation, inspired relief -- but "we still have so much work to do," said one area recipient.

Boletín Informativo de Julio, Oficina para Católicos Hispanos

Aprenda sobre los eventos comunitarios y información de interes a la comunidad hispana en la Arquidiócesis de Filadelfia.

El arzobispo Pérez ofrece oraciones, denuncia racismo en la muerte del hombre de Minnesota

La muerte de George Floyd el 25 de mayo mientras estaba bajo control policial es un "claro recordatorio de que el vil mal del racismo no ha sido erradicado", y de que todos somos responsables de que lo sea, escribe el arzobispo Pérez.