Waiting well means having hope

It’s not a matter of if Jesus will arrive, but when he will arrive, writes Gary Zimak, who offers five lessons from the Book of Tobit that can transform both Advent and everyday life.

Great faith sprouts from small, humble actions, pope says

God makes his presence known not by those who claim to have great faith but by those who are little and humble, Pope Francis said.

God invites us to enter into a divine dialogue

A passage from Isaiah reminds Patrick Walsh that the Lord continually speaks to us, and he longs for us to answer in heartfelt conversation and praise.

Happy Place, not real happiness, in a mall near you

The 13 multi-sensory rooms in a new store at the King of Prussia Mall might be a fun diversion, but Kim Griffin shows how the Beatitudes point the way to life in the Spirit now, and eternally in heaven.

Christ is with us at every step, even when we don’t know the way

Cathy Peacock tells the story of Deacon Dan Mazurek's death-defying youth, and how as a young adult on a college retreat, he came to know the joy of life in Jesus Christ.

Prepare for Christ’s coming with vigilance, persistence

Whether we await his coming in our everyday lives or at the end of time, Christ calls us to "stay awake" by loving God and our neighbor, writes Msgr. Joseph Prior.

Readings of the Holy Mass: First Sunday of Advent

Read or listen to the readings before Mass with these resources from the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, using the New American Bible, Revised Edition.

Communion options for the gluten-intolerant

Celiac disease, an autoimmune reaction to eating gluten found in bread, is prevalent but the church offers alternatives such as low-gluten hosts and Communion from the chalice, writes Father Ken Doyle.

Your Advent game plan: Mass, Scripture, meeting the poor

The First Sunday of Advent, Dec. 1, is an invitation to slow down and be present to what’s important. How rewarding will be the 24 days of this season if we keep the words "stay awake" in our heart each day.

An Advent meditation: Dreaming with St. Joseph

Writer Shemaiah Gonzalez offers a prayerful exercise asking the Lord to refresh and guide us in sleep, as he did St. Joseph, so that we may find God more clearly in our waking hours.