New film takes Pope Francis at his word, in his own words

Veteran filmmaker Wim Wenders profiles the current successor of St. Peter in the well-crafted, sometimes moving documentary "Pope Francis: A Man of His Word." The film largely spares narration.

Romero Trust chair says he sees archbishop’s influence on Pope Francis

Julian Filochowski said he could perceive the influence of the martyred archbishop of San Salvador in the work of Pope Francis, particularly in his care for the poor.

Canadian House passes motion calling on Pope Francis to issue apology

In a rare show of unanimity, the House of Commons overwhelmingly supported a motion to call on Pope Francis to apologize on Canadian soil for abuses that occurred at church-run residential schools.

Without love and service, church is just an ’empty institution,’ Pope Francis says

During an April 26 homily, the pope called for Christians to live "with an awareness of being servants" who are willing to walk the path of humility with Jesus.

Did Pope Francis really say there is no hell?

Father Ken Doyle addresses an Italian journalist's claim that the pontiff recently denied the existence of hell. He didn't. In response to another reader, Father Doyle tells what it takes to become a confirmation sponsor.

Pope Francis spells out three steps to joy

With the release of "Gaudete et Exsultate," the pontiff continues to emphasize the essential connection between holiness and true happiness, writes Father Geoffrey Brooke. Both are encountered in the ordinary experiences of daily life.

To be holy today: Pope Francis writes of path to holiness

God calls real people -- who make time for prayer and who show loving care in the simplest gestures -- to be saints, Pope Francis said in his new document "Gaudete et Exsultate" ("Rejoice and Be Glad").

Young Ohio boy’s wish to meet Pope Francis comes true

While many people hope to catch a glimpse of Pope Francis and greet him, 12-year-old Peter Lombardi got something even better than he imagined: a ride in the popemobile around St. Peter's Square.

NY Times columnist to speak on Pope Francis at Villanova

Author Ross Douthat will present his talk "Pope Francis and the Future of Catholicism" at the university on Tuesday afternoon, April 10.

Famed German director makes film about Pope Francis

After two years working on a documentary about Pope Francis, the noted German filmmaker Wim Wenders said he is most struck by the pope's courage.