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Pope Francis and economic justice

Posted on July 28th, 2014

When we Americans think about economics, we think in terms of efficiency and production, Archbishop Charles Chaput said in a talk last week. When Pope Francis thinks about economics, he thinks in terms of human suffering. We can’t always see what Francis sees, and what he says about economic justice may be hard for some of us to hear.

Without gloss: Francis of Assisi and Western Catholicism

Posted on April 25th, 2014

In a speech at New York University, Archbishop Charles Chaput urges Christians to live an uncompromising life as St. Francis did, one person, one family, one Christian community at a time – and thus begins a revolution.

Religion and civil society

Posted on February 21st, 2014

In a speech at the Agora Institute of Eastern University in Radnor, Archbishop Charles Chaput said public witness of religion is vital to serving the common good.

A city upon a hill: Augustine, John Winthrop and the soul of the American experiment today

Posted on February 20th, 2014

In a speech at the Anselm Institute at the University of Virginia, Archbishop Charles Chaput said we should not give up — at least not yet — on the possibilities for good that still reside in our system of public life in America.

La Nueva Evangelización: Responsabilidades y desafíos para el continente Americano

Posted on December 23rd, 2013

Archbishop Charles J. Chaput spoke at a meeting of bishops from Canada, the United States and Latin America Nov. 16 in Mexico City, Mexico.
He spoke of the challenges the Church faces in America – pastoral, social, economic and political — which are as many as they are serious.

Read the talk in Spanish here, and see our post of the speech from Nov. 16 in English, here.

The New Evangelization: Responsibilities and challenges for the American continent

Posted on November 16th, 2013

Archbishop Charles Chaput spoke at a meeting of bishops from Canada, the United States and Latin America, sponsored by the Pontifical Commission for Latin America, Saturday, Nov. 16 in Mexico City, Mexico.
He spoke of the challenges the Church faces in America – pastoral, social, economic and political — which are as many as they are serious. He focused on several of those problems, poverty and drugs, plus a third in his conclusion.

First preach by the way you live

Posted on October 21st, 2013

In Rome during November and December 1997, Archbishop Chaput, then of Denver, attended the Special Assembly for America convened by the World Synod of Bishops. He delivered the following comments to the gathered bishops, among them a coadjutor archbishop from Argentina, Jorge Mario Bergoglio, S.J.  The two archbishops later discussed these remarks during the synod. And 16 years later, Pope Francis remembered and referenced them in greeting Archbishop Chaput after a general audience at the Vatican. They’re presented here as a matter of record.CatholicPhilly.com

Fire upon the earth: A Year of Faith, personal conversion and the new evangelization

Posted on October 1st, 2013

Archbishop Charles J. Chaput, O.F.M. Cap.
Year of Faith Lecture Series,
St. Charles Borromeo Seminary, Wynnewood
Oct. 1, 2013

My goal tonight is to speak about personal conversion and the new evangelization, through the lens of the Year of Faith.  And I’d like to do that in three steps.  First, I’ll revisit what a “year of faith” is, and why Pope Benedict felt we needed one.  Second, I’ll talk about Pope Francis and the new spirit he brings to witnessing our faith as a Church.  And third and most important, I’ll speak about what we need to do, and how we need to live, going forward – in other words, how we might share our faith so fully and joyfully that we truly become God’s lumen gentium, God’s “light to the nations.”

Why faith matters: Belief as a cornerstone of what it means to be human

Posted on August 23rd, 2013

Archbishop Charles Chaput addressed the national conference of the Catholic Association of Latino Leaders (CALL) today in Los Angeles, in which he referred to the Letter to the Hebrews, which said, “there came forth from one man [Abraham], himself as good as dead, descendants as numerous as the stars in the sky and countless as sands on the seashore” (11:11-12).

“That’s the power of faith,” Archbishop Chaput said. “That’s the fertility of personal witness. If CALL helps accomplish that kind of conversion in each of your lives; if CALL helps you strengthen each other in your Catholic faith and in your vocation as Christian leaders; then God will use it, and use you, to bring new life to our nation.”

Changing our culture with the fire of faith

Posted on August 13th, 2013

Archbishop Charles J. Chaput, O.F.M. Cap.
Laity Engaging Laity Conference
Colorado Springs, Colo., 8.13.13

My task today is talking about our culture, and how we might change and renew it. And I’m glad to do that. But I’d like to begin with a few observations.

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