Without Adam and Eve’s sin, would the Redeemer be needed?

In explaining evolution and original sin, Father Ken Doyle writes the Redeemer was necessary from the beginning to open the path to heaven and to enable us to direct our lives outward.

There’s a new pastor, and parishioners aren’t happy

Father Ken Doyle addresses a reader's dilemma when the new parish pastor arrives late for daily Mass and rambles in his homily. Also, a reader counts less than three days for Jesus to lie in the tomb, and wonders why.

Grace and the ‘gift’ of tears

Tears are complicated visitors that arrive beyond our control and touch something deep in us that we can't express or explain, writes Effie Caldarola. They also lead her to reflect on the Jesuit prayer of total surrender to God.

Pope says memorize the beatitudes, assess your care for the needy

Christians should memorize not only the Ten Commandments but also the beatitudes, which Jesus taught as the path to true happiness, Pope Francis said.

‘Thanks’ or ‘no thanks’ when a Muslim offers to pray for you?

A reader wonders whether to thank or decline a Muslim woman's prayers. There's no harm in thanking her for prayers, Father Ken Doyle writes, reminding us we are all children of the one God.

Catholics have questions of liturgy after death

Father Ken Doyle clarifies church teaching on a funeral for a non-Catholic spouse, and the presence of cremated remains in a Catholic funeral Mass.

Is it OK to attend a Presbyterian service instead of Mass?

Just because it is hard for people to understand the African immigrant priest at Mass is no reason for them to dismiss the obligation for Sunday Mass, writes Father Ken Doyle in his weekly Q & A column.

Catholics love statues, but not as idols — and the Bible approves

Father Ken Doyle explains Catholics don't worship statues, and even points to a Bible passage directing that sacred images be created.

Is Pope Francis still considered a Jesuit?

A reader from Philadelphia asks Father Ken Doyle if the pope is still a Jesuit since members of the order vow to obey the pontiff. Also, Father Doyle advises a reader to pray for people rather than spreading rumors about them.

Annulments need a witness, funerals ‘cost’ $0

Columnist Father Ken Doyle clarifies what one really needs for the marriage annulment process and what money really has to do with a funeral, in his pastoral answers to perennial questions.