We must become weak to be made strong

The world values fleeting sources of strength, such as wealth, celebrity, status and power, writes Msgr. Joseph Prior. Yet Christ calls us to empty ourselves completely, and to rely on the Father for true and lasting sustenance.

Readings of the Holy Mass – Fourteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Read or listen to the readings before Mass with these resources from the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, using the New American Bible, Revised Edition.

Patriotism: A healthy and virtuous love of country

As Americans celebrate the founding of the United States on Independence Day, July 4, we look at patriotism in this package of stories from our partner, Catholic News Service.

Catholics love country like their mother, and countrymen like siblings

The most loving thing Catholics can do for America is what St. John Paul did for his: Bring Christ to it, and bring it to Christ. This Fourth of July, we celebrate our country not apart from or in spite of, but within our Catholic faith.

Young patriot: Eagle Scout creates outdoor prayer space at church

Scouts often join their love of country with their love of the church when choosing their Eagle Scout projects. That includes Wilmington's Alex Gray, who put his scouting skills to the test for his parish project.

We’re tied to the land we call home, and to each other

More than just good feelings about a homeland, patriotism represents the kind of love that takes positive feelings and puts them into action to strengthen human bonds everywhere.

What’s origin of ‘Mass,’ and does vasectomy disqualify deacon candidate?

In Father Ken Doyle's weekly Q&A, he easily answers a reader's inquiry on the meaning of the English word for the liturgy, but finds the answer to the next question a bit more complicated.

Summer is a time to invest in our relationship with Christ

Father Dennis Gill writes that summer offers opportunity for relaxation along with time to renew our spiritual lives and help those in need. He suggests several tips for prayer and spiritual reading.

Summertime spirituality keeps faith fresh and fun

The summer months are a time for some well-deserved relaxation and refreshment. In this set of articles, we explore how this season can also be a time to deepen your experience of the Lord's love.

Keeping spiritually fit during the summer months

In this season of rest and relaxation, we can take simple steps to make sure we don't take a vacation from our vocation. Mass and daily prayer, however brief, can ensure our souls remain in shape.