What overturning marriage law means for Pennsylvania

Defending traditional marriage, even after this week’s court ruling that legalized same-sex marriage in Pennsylvania, doesn’t preclude loving our homosexual family members and friends.

Italy’s real-life ‘Sister Act’ turning heads toward Christ

Reality TV star and singing sensation Sister Christina is wowing Italian audiences and showing one way of the new evangelization in the Catholic Church.

Papal letter on water would be a great gift to the world

Our faith-based respect for life calls for action now on the world's water crisis, for without water there can be no human life or any life at all, writes Jesuit Father William Byron. He thinks it would be wonderful if Pope Francis wrote an encyclical letter on the material and spiritual dimensions of the crisis.

Memories of a Jesuit in Syria, and the church’s newest martyr

Father Frans van der Lugt knew that he would most likely be killed for his 50-year devotion to all the people of Syria. He reminds columnist Effie Caldarola of Jesus, who knew as he turned toward his final journey to Jerusalem that death awaited him.

Looking for light in the post-modern darkness

Father Eugene Hemrick knows all about the darkness of our times, and the challenge to live as Christ's light in a troubled world. He suggests turning creatively toward the music in our hearts.

Stumbling into lessons of right and wrong

From a bungled execution to a racist conversation to guns laws gone haywire, columnist Steve Kent thinks 2014 might be the year of botched actions gone public. And it's only May.

Look past appearances into the person

The world keeps on telling us we should judge a person by their looks, activities or money. If you only look at those exterior qualities, writes columnist Karen Osborne, you might miss the good person inside and the beautiful music of his or her life.

Build aloneness into your plugged-in lifestyle

Like Jesus taking time to go off alone, we need to build boundaries in our use of telephones, texting, social media and other technology that allow others in but also allow us time to breathe, writes columnist Maureen Pratt.

America’s gun culture: paranoia for profit?

Let's drop the stereotypes, suggests columnist Steve Kent. Those who enjoy possessing and using firearms are not deranged killers. Those who want reasonable control over dangerous objects are not intent on turning the country over to whatever.

When their parish merges, what’s a couple to do?

Deacon Paul and Helen McBlain know that parishes, like many things we find comfortable, never stay the same. When a parish closes by merging with another, families can take simple steps to start anew and strengthen their faith life.