Taking and joy and spirituality to the Twitterverse

After years of writing books and columns, I've discovered a new way to communicate. I've taken to Twitter, which I've found to be yet another channel I can use to help others grow in joy and in spirit. The following is a compilation of my latest musings, some too long to tweet. But if you're on Twitter and you'd like to see more, please follow me at @johncatoir.

Congress: It’s time to talk about immigration

Recess is over -- time to get back to work. As Congress returns to Washington from break, remaining on their to-do list will be the debates on action aimed at our nation's immigration policies. Now is the time to put partisan pride aside and look into the faces of our neighbors in need. In their faces we should see the face of Christ himself.

The wounds of war are for all

It had to be a nightmare for U.S. Army public relations officers and recruiters as they received some unfriendly fire resulting from simultaneous legal actions against three of its members.

Pope Francis: likeable and not so likeable

Why is Pope Francis so appealing to some and not to others? To answer the first question, Pope Francis loves the poor and is opposed to those who can alleviate their suffering but fail to do so because of corruption. He is more than a champion of social justice. He speaks to our conscience and its spiritual yearning for true joy.

Did Vince Lombardi say faith is more important than NFL playoffs?

It is that time of year when parents of Catholic children who are not attending Catholic schools (give or take 98.4 percent of Catholic children) are asking, "What kind of threats, coercion, enticement and/or other mode of influence might I employ this year to get my kids into religious education class?"

Owning latest technology does not equal happiness

When I opened the box at the back of my closet, I didn't know I was going to be sucked into a time warp. In it were memories of a bygone age: Neon scrunchies, papers for English class, notes passed in class and a bunch of fascinating, obsolete electronics, like my old iRock MP3 digital music player and battered yellow Game Boy.

Pa.’s Catholic bishops call for fair, realistic immigration reform

In a statement released Aug. 30, the Catholic Bishops of Pennsylvania urged support of a five-point plan for immigration reform that upholds the God-given dignity of every human being.

Sing a prayer of thanks for busy cantors’ service

Did you ever wonder what it takes to celebrate Mass on Saturday or Sunday?  Well, from the musical perspective it’s pretty amazing. A“normal” Mass has 11 (yes, 11!) pieces of music. From the “Gathering” hymn to the “Sending Forth” there are pages and pages of music that are sung and played. On one recent Sunday […]

Today’s parents bring a different way of parenting

This month we took a vacation with all of our children and grandchildren. We stayed at a cottage my parents bought 50 years ago. There were quite a few aunts, uncles and cousins nearby.

Achieving quality jobs and fair compensation

Today's economy is paying the price of the peak of the popularity of productivity two decades ago. It was difficult then to pass by a Borders, B. Dalton or Waldenbooks without seeing windows and shelves full of books touting the blessings of productivity.