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Sínodo del 2018: Algunas reflexiones finales

Arzobispo Chaput está agradecido por estar en casa después del Sínodo de los Obispos del 2018 concentrado en la juventud. Reflexionado sobre el Sínodo, él pide a la comunidad católica de Filadelfia orar a Dios por el Papa y la Iglesia.

November newsletter: Office for Hispanic Catholics

Aprenda sobre los eventos comunitarios e información de interes a la comunidad hispana.

Latino Catholics in Phila. inspired by Romero film, canonization

An Oct. 12 screening of a biopic on St. Oscar Romero reveals the martyr's continuing influence on clergy and local Latino Catholics. He inspires them to listen to one another and be faithful to the Gospel.

Romero calls us to be people of God who listen, says missionary

An Augustinian priest speaking at La Salle University said the church does not need St. Oscar as a hero or statue. The newest saint calls today's church to "be people who listen to one another from their hearts.”

Salvadoran native lives out St. Romero’s legacy of justice

St. Oscar Romero is more relevant than ever, says Moises Navarrete, a young teacher in Jenkintown. The saint would challenge U.S. immigration policy and family separation, he believes.

Young Salvadorans embrace St. Romero

St. Romero has become popular among some youth in El Salvador as a voice of reason amid problems such as poverty and violence.

Salvadoran archbishop asks pope to make Romero ‘doctor of the church’

Archbishop Jose Luis Escobar Alas's request was met with cheers and applause from an estimated 5,000 Salvadoran pilgrims during an audience with the pope the day after the martyred St. Romero became El Salvador's first saint.

El Salvador celebrates its first saint, whose legacy continues

During the Oct. 14 at the Vatican -- very early morning in El Salvador -- Salvadorans gathered in the square outside the cathedral to watch the ceremony on big screens; others watched in their parishes.

St. Romero’s brothers rejoice at his canonization

Before the sun rose in Rome Oct. 14, 88-year-old Gaspar Romero and his brother, 93-year-old Tiberio Romero were at the head of the line of thousands of people waiting to get into St. Peter's Square.

Reflexiones sobre el sinodo del 2018: Una visión desde la India

Arzobispo Charles Chaput comparte una reflexión de un joven de India sobre el Sínodo de los Obispos del 2018 centrándose en la juventud.