Archbishop Chaput's speeches

Vocation and the purpose of our lives

In a talk at the University of Mary in North Dakota, Archbishop Chaput tells of the importance of friendship and listening for God's call to act, because there is good in the world, and it's worth fighting for.

‘Catholics at the Capitol’

If we don’t at least try to shape our times with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, then evil will shape the times, and ultimately shape us and those we love, said Archbishop Chaput in a speech in Minnesota on protecting the life and dignity of every human person.

A letter to the 2018 synod on youth

Archbishop Chaput shares the letter of a young woman who experiences same-sex attraction. She is devastated that LGBT advocates want to change church teaching on homosexuality at the synod. It is a lie, she believes, to assume she cannot carry her cross.

What Jay-Z has to do with youth, Jesus and the synod

In a second speech at the Rome synod of bishops on youth, Archbishop Chaput quotes a pop lyric and critiques the synod's document as insufficiently conveying God's Word and Jesus as the only path to full humanity.

Truth of church teaching on sexuality missing in synod doc, archbishop says

In an intervention, or speech, at the Rome synod of bishops on youth, the archbishop said young people deserve to be taught the truth and not be defined by their sexual appetites.

The love that moves the sun

In a speech marking the 20th anniversary of St. John Paul II's encyclical "Fides et Ratio," Archbishop Charles Chaput says God still guides the world with his love. In seeking, finding and living that love lies our joy and our hope.

Why men matter

In a healthy culture, one wouldn't need to state men's special responsibility to create a secure and just society, Archbishop Charles Chaput said Saturday in Kansas. But we live in a time of ongoing civil war over the meaning of gender, family and whether our lives have any higher purpose at all.

Things to come: Faith, state and society in a new world

So much has changed in America that now our country is its most conflicted and divided since the 1960s, Archbishop Chaput said in a speech Feb. 22 at Villanova. Yet there are sources of renewal in the church and paths to personal holiness for all Americans.

Archbishop sees biblical link in abundant love, faithfulness

In the school of love that is the family, the more unselfishly we love and teach others to love, the more human we become, said Archbishop Charles Chaput in a homily at the Family Fully Alive Conference in Fairbanks, Alaska.

Archbishop: Jesus, in Holy Family, modeled obedience

At the Family Fully Alive Conference in Fairbanks, Alaska, Archbishop Charles Chaput preached his Feb. 9 homily on the Gospel passage of finding Jesus in the Temple, with its lesson on obeying God’s word.