Archbishop Chaput's speeches

Sainthood, the church and the call to holiness

Challenging times require the faithful to examine how they serve God, and to live out their friendship with God in service to his church, Archbishop Chaput said at the recent St. Joseph the Worker Medal Awards in Malvern.

Building a culture of religious freedom

For our integrity and that of our country, it's important to fight for our convictions in the public square, Archbishop Chaput said at the recent ADF Summit. But the greater task is to live what we claim to believe by our actions.

God and man in an age of unbelief

Archbishop Chaput reflected on art and beauty, truth and true happiness for audience in New York City April 27, and the path ahead for Christians today.

Faith and hope for an uncertain time

The construction of a Christian culture in America -- a renewal of our country's best ideals -- begins not with violence but conversion of heart, says Archbishop Chaput in a talk at a seminary in Minnesota.

Facing the future with hope and joy

Archbishop Charles Chaput advises seminarians in Ohio not despair of the climate of anger in the church and fear in the world. This is a moment of opportunity, not defeat. It's part of God’s work to rebuild the witness of his church in the world.

Vocation and the purpose of our lives

In a talk at the University of Mary in North Dakota, Archbishop Chaput tells of the importance of friendship and listening for God's call to act, because there is good in the world, and it's worth fighting for.

‘Catholics at the Capitol’

If we don’t at least try to shape our times with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, then evil will shape the times, and ultimately shape us and those we love, said Archbishop Chaput in a speech in Minnesota on protecting the life and dignity of every human person.

A letter to the 2018 synod on youth

Archbishop Chaput shares the letter of a young woman who experiences same-sex attraction. She is devastated that LGBT advocates want to change church teaching on homosexuality at the synod. It is a lie, she believes, to assume she cannot carry her cross.

What Jay-Z has to do with youth, Jesus and the synod

In a second speech at the Rome synod of bishops on youth, Archbishop Chaput quotes a pop lyric and critiques the synod's document as insufficiently conveying God's Word and Jesus as the only path to full humanity.

Truth of church teaching on sexuality missing in synod doc, archbishop says

In an intervention, or speech, at the Rome synod of bishops on youth, the archbishop said young people deserve to be taught the truth and not be defined by their sexual appetites.