Archbishop Chaput's speeches

The ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’ of being a pro-lifer, and a good reason for hope

Archbishop Charles Chaput told the Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation Sept. 29 that the future belongs to people who witness to life. Because of that witness and God's love, the best is yet to come.

Sex, family and the liberty of the Church

At a lecture Sept. 15 at Notre Dame University, Archbishop Charles Chaput spoke pointedly about freedom and one's personal responsibility to renew the culture of the United States, especially in this political season.

Archbishop Chaput talks with World Youth Day pilgrims

In a series of speeches this week Archbishop Charles Chaput addressed some of the thousands of young people gathered for the global youth festival in Krakow, Poland. See the outlines for his remarks July 27-29.

Awakenings: Living as a believer in the nation we have now

In a speech to Mormons at Brigham Young University, Archbishop Charles Chaput explores what people of faith must do going forward. We must awaken to the world as it is, he says, then live what our faith demands.

“We can only begin to hope … when we believe in Jesus Christ”

The following Synod on the Family interview with Archbishop Charles Chaput appeared in the Oct. 15 edition of the French Catholic magazine Famille Chretienne (FC).

Language and its implications

Read Archbishop Charles Chaput’s speech at the Synod of Bishops on the Family Saturday in Rome. In it, he calls on the synod fathers to reflect carefully on two words in use during the synod: diversity and unity. "Our most urgent need is unity," he says, "and our greatest danger is fragmentation."

Marriage as a witness to hope

Read Archbishop Charles Chaput's speech at the Synod of Bishops on the Family today in Rome. In it, he calls on the synod fathers to emphasize the positive, to trust in the power of grace and "the ability of people to actually live what the church believes."

Sanity, indifference and the American immigration debate

In a speech leading a panel discussion Sept. 1, Archbishop Charles Chaput condemned Donald Trump's idea to end birthright citizenship, and offered five fixes to the U.S. immigration system.

What ‘renewing the Church’ really requires

Archbishop Charles Chaput writes about a survey of parishioners in the archdiocese, and other data, that show traditional parish life is ending, and it’s not coming back. After the visit of Pope Francis, serious work must begin on empowering lay leaders in the Church.

Of human dignity: The Declaration on Religious Liberty at 50

On the 50th anniversary of the close of Vatican II, Archbishop Charles Chaput gave a major speech on religious liberty last night at St. Charles Seminary. The talk is the first a four-part series on the topic this month.