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Cardinal Dolan slams DNC pledge to back only pro-abortion pols

New York Cardinal Timothy M. Dolan described the recent pledge from the Democratic National Committee's chair to support only pro-abortion candidates "disturbing" and "intolerant." Some Democrats agree.

Historians assess the promise and paradox of JFK at his centenary

The centenary of Kennedy's birth has brought fresh appraisals of Kennedy, the first -- and so far, only -- Catholic to attain the presidency and his assassination-truncated term of office.

Church needs missionaries, not ‘clericalized’ laity, pope says

The temptation to impose a vocation on laypeople as some kind of validation of their service in the church "worries me," the pope said April 27 during a meeting with members of Catholic Action.

Virginia Catholics join the zero waste movement to promote green living

To be virtually trash free, Jane Crosby of St. Bernadette Church in Springfield composts her food waste and recycles a little. But mostly she relies day to day on reusable products such as Mason jars, cloth napkins and canvas shopping bags.

Between election rounds, French cardinal deplores ‘democracy gone mad’

France's Catholic primate has condemned the current presidential campaign as his country's "worst ever" and urged Christians to help prevent democracy from "losing its sense."

Prayer is important part of helping the poor, pope says

"I ask you, as a vital part of your commitment to the work of the Papal Foundation, to pray for the needs of the poor, the conversion of hearts, the spread of the Gospel and the church's growth in holiness and missionary zeal," the pope said.

Philippine bishop backs case against Duterte in international court

The case filed against Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte before the International Criminal Court in The Hague is a "very good step" toward stopping drug-related killings, a Catholic bishop said.

Practical Christianity: Pope emphasizes real help for those in need

Pope Francis' unique approach to teaching the faithful combines speaking clearly and simply with showing people what steps -- even small steps -- they can take to make a difference, a Vatican official said.

Justice Department holds onto Affordable Care Act’s contraceptive mandate

Nearly a year after the U.S. Supreme Court sent their cases back to the lower courts, the Justice Department still is appealing some of them.

Catholic chaplain accompanies anguished circus workers on final tour

The Ringling circus was nearing the end of its 145-year run and the workers, including frontline performers, were in a quandary about their future. They learned Jan. 14 that the circus was closing.