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While feeding the hungry, Catholic market respects their choices

Martha's Choice, an outreach of archdiocesan Catholic Social Services, invites the 900 families who monthly seek food distribution in Montgomery County to choose the foods that are best for them.

Visiting bishops see ‘incomprehensible complexity’ of Holy Land situation

Visiting with Christian communities in northern Israel and the northern Palestinian Territories has helped bishops participating in the annual Holy Land Coordination see "the great need" to promote an understanding between Israelis and Palestinians.

New migrant caravan has left Honduras; why do they flee?

Difficulties at home such as poverty and violence push potential migrants to leave, while governments in the region have done little to promote development or curb poverty.

Virginia pro-life clinic receives Knights’ 1,000th ultrasound machine

Arlington Bishop Michael F. Burbidge blessed the space that once housed AAA Women for Choice and is now the newly expanded wing of the Mother of Mercy Free Medical Clinic Jan. 14.

Religious educators celebrate life-changing mission of catechists

At the Cathedral's annual awards ceremony last weekend for teachers in parish religious education programs, the catechists said that as they pass on the faith, teaching has transformed them, too.

Former Planned Parenthood worker says ‘power of ultrasound’ changed her

Abby Johnson, the pro-life activist, will have just four minutes to make her points when she speaks to the March for Life rally Jan. 18. A new film drama, "Unplanned," based on her 2011 memoir of working for Planned Parenthood, will do all the talking for her soon.

Pope advances sainthood causes for 17 women

Pope Francis advanced the sainthood causes of three women and recognized the martyrdom of 14 religious sisters who were killed during the Spanish Civil War.

Judges block expansion of religious exemptions to HHS mandate

UPDATED - Two federal judges temporarily blocked the government from putting into effect new rules that would expand the exemption to the federal contraceptive mandate to the Little Sisters of the Poor and other religious employers.

Not seeking religious life, Sister Alice heard the call in the classroom

Growing up in Fishtown and hanging out with friends, she assumed she'd be a wife and mother. But as a lay teacher she felt a vocation, and now Sister Alice Gray has served for 50 years, 35 as a DRE.

Despite comments against bishops, Duterte open to talks, spokesman says

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte is open to talking with church leaders, his spokesman said after the president called on people to kill and rob bishops.