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Catholic youth: Thanks for asking our opinion, here’s what we think

Ahead of next year's synod on youth, a local survey of nearly 900 Catholic young adults shows they fear for the future, they want to do works of service and they want to gather with other young people in retreats, sports and in the Sunday Mass.

Knights of the Immaculate Men’s Retreat with Fr. Paul Scalia

This retreat will be held at Malvern Retreat House in November.

Bishops’ migration chairman asks for extension of immigration status

The head of the U.S. bishops' Committee on Migration said some migrants from Honduras and El Salvador cannot safely return to their home countries in the near future and should have a special immigration permit extended.

Wisconsin parish’s ‘Apple Pie Ambassadors’ welcome new neighbors

Earlier this year, the Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish Council came up with the idea for the ambassadors to serve as a "welcome wagon" for people who recently moved into the area, both Catholics and otherwise.

Irish folklife expert says Halloween traditions began in Ireland

The Museum of Country Life in County Mayo has two examples of Halloween lanterns as part of its exhibition on Irish customs and traditions associated with the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain, the predecessor of the modern Halloween holiday.

Utah Catholics, Lutherans celebrate ‘connectivity’ of their churches

Bishop Oscar A. Solis told Lutherans and Catholics from parishes throughout the greater Salt Lake area gathered to pray together Oct. 8 that he felt joyful and inspired "to see our unity and solidarity as one God's family."

Minister general: Pilgrims imitate Franciscans’ Holy Land hospitality

Pilgrims from many countries talk of the gratitude they felt for the way the Franciscans welcomed them and guided them, offering them an opportunity to meet Jesus, to meet the living God, giving real witness to their Christian faith.

Ukrainian bishop sees ‘real chance of peace’ in country’s crisis

The Catholic bishop responsible for eastern Ukraine has backed calls for the deployment of international peacekeepers and praised "pressure from below" to end the nearly four-year war.

Italian priest kidnapped in Nigeria freed

Although kidnappings for ransom are common in the area, Father Pallu said he was unaware of any payment made to the attackers and believes that "God softened the hearts of my kidnappers."

Faith brings hope even at moment of death, pope says

While all men and women are "small and helpless in front of the mystery of death," Jesus' victory over death assures Christians of the joy of the resurrection, the pope said Oct. 18 during his weekly general audience.