Let Lucas break down our prejudices on Down syndrome

Richard Doerflinger writes of little Lucas Warren, the first-ever Gerber baby with Down syndrome. While most people like Lucas are eliminated before they are born, those welcomed into the world have much to teach us.

Invest in young women in the church — they’re our future

Church teachings on abortion and care for the environment are most important to Millennial women, writes Elise Italiano. So it's important to use language that moves beyond the "liberal vs. conservative" framework.

A welcoming spirit, or a sense of the enemy?

A warm welcome can ease one's anxiety, but domination and jealousy can replace kindness, writes Father Eugene Hemrick. A nation's greatness lies not in its power but in how all nationalities bond together.

4 ways that black Catholic sisters rewrote the American story

In the 19th century, the Oblate Sisters of Providence served God against a backdrop of racism, xenophobia and religious intolerance -- not unlike today, writes Diane Batts Morrow. History shows that inclusion benefits the nation as a whole.

Healing the persistent evil of racism in the Catholic Church

Prejudice in the pews continues to scar the body of Christ, writes Michael P. Howard. He knows that staying in a "church with issues" is a kind of Gethsemane, leading to the cross. Yet the church remains a chosen race, "a holy nation."

Why do we still need Black History Month?

It is not too late to correct the miseducation that was spoon-fed to most of us in our youth, writes Donna Grimes. If we are sincere about addressing racism, a natural focal point is Catholic education and catechesis.

Olympic athletes hone their sport, and become good sports

The Winter Olympians practice their skills for years, including sportsmanship. When they flop, they don't have to summon a graceful interview for the first time. This is how good habits are formed in life, writes John Garvey.

Join the journey to truth by supporting

News outlets must now charge readers a fee to keep running, writes editor Matthew Gambino. Your generous gift can keep as a free resource for faith-based news and information.

Why the Vatican’s potential deal with China is a good thing

A Jesuit priest lists five reasons why developments in Vatican-Beijing relations may be smoothing the way for the Catholic Church to enjoy a normal existence in the China of today and tomorrow.

Stand up and support gift of people with Down syndrome

Father Gus Puleo's three Down syndrome parishioners unite his parish because they are known and loved by all. He urges support for a new bill in Pennsylvania that would prevent abortions because of a Down's diagnosis.