A March for Science is coming, but do we need it?

Let's give three cheers for science as a way to understand the natural world, writes Richard Doerflinger. But we need healthy skepticism when scientists say the rest of us should relax and let them run the country.

Rita Schiavone kept the miracle of the loaves and fishes alive

Two Catholic leaders recall how the late founder of Aid For Friends became a pioneer in efforts to serve hungry people in the Philadelphia region, along with archdiocesan Nutritional Development Services.

The sins we ignore

As Ireland grapples with a newly discovered mass grave, we are called to confront our own denied sins, writes Effie Caldarola.

Spring cleaning with the Holy Spirit

Household dust inspires Bill Dodds to reflect on how the Easter season invites us to roll up our sleeves and get to work with God.

What are you waiting for? Trust God!

Inspired by the recent Youth Day in Los Angeles, Maria-Pia Negro Chin encourages us to set aside fear and embrace God's plan for our lives.

Faith ties a family’s journey from Shanghai to Philadelphia

Jesuit Father William Byron proudly tells of a new book by Philadelphia journalist Jennifer Lin about her family's story beginning in China and on to Philadelphia. Three generations never lost hope despite suffering.

Sisters stand with migrants, call for compassion from civil leaders

The Sisters of St. Francis of Philadelphia issued a statement of support for immigrant and refugee "brothers and sisters" early this month. They urge leaders to rethink the call for "massive deportation of immigrant people."

Four years, and moments of grace, into a Latino papacy

By speaking and thinking in Spanish, Pope Francis is introducing Catholics to incredibly rich and beautiful ways of articulating our faith that are relevant to all, writes Latino Catholic scholar Hosffman Ospino.

Nations, like persons, must learn how to forgive

Among the many things that President Donald Trump might learn from President Abraham Lincoln is the wisdom of national forgiveness. America needs forgiveness for many faults and we should pray it now.

Devotion needs the daily work of conversion

Just as we need to polish brass to keep it shiny, so we also need to work off the corrosion on our hearts to stay devoted to God, writes Father Eugene Hemrick.