At election time, remember the things that really matter

We can and we will have better election campaigns because our future depends on it, writes Jesuit Father William Byron. He suggests shortening the process to six weeks and to getting money out of politics.

‘Rise,’ and overcome your doubts

In his review of pop star Katy Perry's new song "Rise," Charlie Martin writes that God has placed his divine purpose into all of our lives. We can trust that even if our goal becomes elusive, God will guide us.

When overextended teens burn out, their health suffers

Just as burnout happens with adults, teens can be affected by stress, lack of sleep and constant emotional and physical overexertion. Maria-Pia Negro Chin suggests healthy habits to put balance in your life.

The beginning of life, the beginning of rights

Writer Ellen Giangiordano notices some public figures can't say when a person's rights begin, even though Founding Fathers such as Thomas Jefferson knew exactly when those rights begin: with conception.

‘Digital immigrants’ around the family holiday table

Bill Dodds tells his grandkids about the "old country" -- the paper-and-pen world where he grew up -- and they are clueless about it, just as he was about his grandparents' childhood. Still, words of faith and family remain universal.

Her gift was an empty room, and she opened it for a refugee

Effie Caldarola sees a divine gift, and sacrifice, in her London friend's decision to open her home to a boy from war-torn Eritrea, one of millions caught in the worst refugee crisis in living memory.

How the presidential election is like a runaway trolley

John Garvey uses a moral philosophy thought experiment to look at how turning left leads to one tragedy, and turning right to another. He wonders how the brakes failed in this election, and where we steer from here.

Report’s aim of ‘peaceful coexistence’ steamrolls religious freedom

Archbishop William Lori says everyone should be disturbed by a proposal that says the government can force people to do things they believe are wrong, and that charities can be coerced into activities that undercut their mission.

To help bring up a tough topic with a friend, stay humble

Charlie Martin gives a listen to Shawn Mendes' recent hit, "Treat You Better." While it's not easy to share something difficult with a person, the place to start is with a quality that the song's character appears to lack -- humility!

Three lessons in leadership from Pope Francis

Leaders should get off their high horse and to drop to their knees in gratitude to God because without thankfulness, there's no humility, and without humility, a vital leadership quality is missing, write Father Eugene Hemrick.