More than ’13 Reasons Why’ suicide can be prevented in teens

A new Netflix series explores teenage suicide, but doesn't stress the many resources available to treat youths who are at risk for self-harm, writes Maria-Pia Negro Chin.

Graduation speakers should embody virtue

A school's choice of commencement speaker can be a cause of controversy - or an opportunity to present a living example of righteousness.

Are we devoted to our digital devices, or to the divine?

Our technology can become an idol that separates us from God and from creation. By returning to the Lord, we are restored to wholeness, within and without.

Mind this moment, God’s precious gift of now

When Maureen Pratt looks back and laughs at her awkward moments, she knows that even when our steps falter, the Lord walks with us, offering his grace all along.

Faith and family inform Justice Samuel Alito’s seat on the high court

Deacon Eric Banecker sits down with the U.S. Supreme Court justice who talks about his family roots, lifelong love for the Phillies and the serious implications of the same-sex marriage decision.

Calm conviction is needed in the face of James Comey’s firing

Instead of political outrage over the Trump-Russia-Comey affair, voter pressure on members of Congress to support a thorough investigation will be a far more effective brake on Trump's presidential behavior.

End of life comes with a slick marketing proposition

Human dignity demands we oppose any coercion to hasten the hour of death, as marketers of assisted suicide propose. Greg Erlandson calls on doctors to lift the mask of "choice" on mercy killing.

On vacation this summer, have fun but stay sober

These six tips will help those in recovery from addiction have a good time on vacation by dealing with the stresses and temptations that come with being away from home.

She’s come a long way to the better end of Chapter One

In her commencement speech May 13 at Gwynedd Mercy University, graduate Julia Tasca reflected on the community and values of the university that gave her the purpose she needed in life.

Keeping cradle Catholics in the church

Elise Italiano never had a radical turning point in her faith. But she always had the help of parents, grandparents and mentors along the way. Such people can help today's youths stay Catholic, too.