Archbishop Chaput's column

Respect Life 2017

Respect for human life comes in all forms of witness, including a just and humane immigration process and the prophetic courage of the Little Sisters of the Poor against government intrusion, writes Archbishop Charles Chaput.

Sex, sanity, and beliefs that ‘live loudly’ within us

Last week prominent evangelicals issued a statement on sexuality that affirmed biblical truths. They were promptly met with a river of public contempt, writes Archbishop Chaput. People in the LGBT community are owed the truth, spoken with love.

The truth, and nothing but

As children head back to school, Archbishop Chaput explains the why of Catholic education: Truth exists, is permanent and knowable, and is worth fighting for because it makes us free. It affirms the goodness of life and the world’s loving Creator. 

The epidemic and its cure

Anger first deforms and then destroys the person and the culture that cultivate it, writes Archbishop Charles Chaput. America 2017 is urgently in need of a healing.  We’re a culture addicted to anger. 

A moment for women in the new evangelization

Last year's WINE conference for women was an overwhelming success. Archbishop Chaput asks women to invite a friend to this year's gathering in October and learn why a woman's gift for relationship is the foundation for a personal encounter with Jesus Christ.

A word about useful tools

A recent Rome-based journal article is an exercise in dumbing down the nature of Catholic/evangelical cooperation on religious freedom and other key issues, writes Archbishop Charles Chaput. We should thank God for this unity in common cause.

A letter to the Romans

Archbishop Chaput sees in St. Paul's epistle, and in two books on homosexuality, how the church's teaching on sexuality can lead to division. But unity in God's love is rooted in truth, however inconvenient.

The questions we face

What practical things can we do for and with each other as Christians to rebuild a sense of community in our parishes, our dioceses and in our nation, asks Archbishop Chaput in his column.

The importance of Humanae Vitae

The 1968 encyclical remains a powerful counter-witness to the widespread sexual dysfunction of our age, writes Archbishop Charles Chaput. Many Christians have collapsed in their defense of sexual integrity, but Humanae Vitae has remained a testimony to the truth.

Piety and patriotism

Religious belief and thought have provided moral meaning in America from our start, writes Archbishop Charles Chaput. Next week's Fortnight for Freedom offers citizens a way to defend religious liberty here and abroad.