Archbishop Chaput's column

Marching for life, 2019

The job of those going on the March for Life Jan. 18, and those praying at home, is to work as hard and as joyfully as we can, for as long as we can, to encourage a reverence for human life in our country, writes Archbishop Charles Chaput.

Days to remember

There's a linkage this month in the memorial of Dr. Martin Luther King and Religious Freedom Day. Archbishop Charles Chaput sees Dr. King's courage in one minister of the Gospel calling out anti-Catholic bigotry today.

Christmas 2018

A "tired and complicated world" needs Christ even more, writes Archbishop Charles Chaput. In Bethlehem, something new and beautiful took place: God himself became one of us to restore us to eternal life.

Cleansed and conformed to God’s Will: Advent 2018

Archbishop Chaput turns over his column to George Weigel, who urges a wounded, scandal-scarred church to enter this Advent with intensified prayer, penance -- and hope.

The Solemnity of Christ the King

As Thanksgiving Day approaches, so too does the end of the church year this weekend. Archbishop Charles Chaput writes that it’s a good time to ask what sort of king is Jesus Christ, and what does his kingship mean for us? Idolatry, he writes, remains a powerful and subtle temptation.

Facts for the record

In a letter to Philadelphia Catholics, Archbishop Charles Chaput points out two errors in a recent Philadelphia Inquirer story about a former Denver seminarian and a priest removed from ministry.

Reconciliation, reparations, and a means to both

Archbishop Charles Chaput announces a new independent program funded by the Philadelphia Archdiocese to compensate survivors of clerical sexual abuse, hoping to repair the damage of the past and bring a measure of peace.

Synod 2018: Some concluding thoughts

Archbishop Chaput is glad to be home from Rome after the month-long synod on youth. Here he reflects on it and asks Philadelphia’s Catholic community to pray for the pope and for the Church as she navigates the future.

Thoughts on the 2018 synod: The power of clarity

Archbishop Chaput turns over his column to Chris Stefanick, who says the church needs to be clear and simple about what exactly we offer the world. Young people need to know we're the Church of the Gospel again.

The issues of the 2018 synod as it opens

As the synod of bishops on youth gets under way in Rome, Archbishop Chaput writes that neither the pope nor the church is served in this time of humiliation and crisis by a meeting overdosed on sentiment and sociology.