Archbishop Chaput's column

Thoughts on the Synod: A Thirst for Mentoring

In the first in a series, Archbishop Charles Chaput shares the comments of a young woman in Philadelphia who asks how the Catholic Church can encourage mentors for today's youth and young adults.

‘A Man of His Word’

Archbishop Charles Chaput has always loved movies, and he gives a hearty thumbs up for a new film on Pope Francis. It allows the pope to express himself simply and persuasively on a wide range of issues.

The importance of amendment 8

The Irish Constitution "acknowledges the right to life of the unborn." That amendment faces a repeal vote on May 25, and Archbishop Chaput urges everyone in the archdiocese to pray for Ireland and the defense of life.

In praise of true evangelizers

While some insist on attacking effective Catholic groups as too politically right wing, the critics should at least get out of the way of those lay Catholic evangelizers the Church urgently needs today, writes Archbishop Charles Chaput.

The shape of things to come

Interference with religion isn't just a theme for science fiction. It's happening around the U.S., writes Archbishop Charles Chaput, who encourages people to defend the church's freedom to preach the Gospel.

Child abuse prevention month

The sexual abuse of minors is a problem that reaches into public schools, institutions and society at large, writes Archbishop Charles Chaput, who explains the church's efforts to act forcefully against it within the church herself.

Ross Douthat at Villanova’s McCullen Center

Archbishop Chaput brings to light a new initiative at Villanova University on religious freedom and a talk there next week by the noted New York Times columnist and author on the future of Catholicism.

A lesson for Holy Week

The Hebrew meaning of "holy" is "other than," and Archbishop Charles Chaput reminds us of God's redemptive ways through the story of a French policeman's self-sacrifice for a stranger, an act for which there is no greater love.

Toward a deeper experience of Lent

In his message for Ash Wednesday, Archbishop Chaput recalls the failed 1933 treaty between the Vatican and Nazi Germany. We negotiate treaties with our personal sins and dictatorial appetites all the time. Lent is a time to smash them.

Charity, clarity, and their opposite

As Catholic leaders in Germany consider blessing same-sex unions, Archbishop Chaput writes that creating confusion around important truths of our faith, no matter how good the intention, only makes the difficult task of sharing those truths more difficult.