Archbishop Chaput's column

Safe Haven Sunday

Pornography isn't new, but in the digital age it creates an even wider "cascade of pain" throughout families and society, writes Archbishop Charles Chaput. The Archdiocese's Safe Haven Sunday (March 2-3) will equip the faithful to protect themselves from this devastating addiction.

Disciplines for an ordinary time

We have a choice, writes Archbishop Charles Chaput. We can bear the routine challenges of these “ordinary” weeks as a burden, or we can mark them with beauty by every day turning our hearts to God in silent prayer.

The Presentation of the Lord

Feb. 2 marks the annual feast of Mary and Joseph presenting their son Jesus at the Temple. Archbishop Charles Chaput thinks this is a good time to encourage large families, Catholic education and welcoming children at Mass.

Christian unity 2019

Five hundred years after a famous debate with Martin Luther, important differences remain among Catholics and Protestants, writes Archbishop Charles Chaput. But the love of Jesus and the friendship among Christians it creates matter more.

Marching for life, 2019

The job of those going on the March for Life Jan. 18, and those praying at home, is to work as hard and as joyfully as we can, for as long as we can, to encourage a reverence for human life in our country, writes Archbishop Charles Chaput.

Days to remember

There's a linkage this month in the memorial of Dr. Martin Luther King and Religious Freedom Day. Archbishop Charles Chaput sees Dr. King's courage in one minister of the Gospel calling out anti-Catholic bigotry today.

Christmas 2018

A "tired and complicated world" needs Christ even more, writes Archbishop Charles Chaput. In Bethlehem, something new and beautiful took place: God himself became one of us to restore us to eternal life.

Cleansed and conformed to God’s Will: Advent 2018

Archbishop Chaput turns over his column to George Weigel, who urges a wounded, scandal-scarred church to enter this Advent with intensified prayer, penance -- and hope.

The Solemnity of Christ the King

As Thanksgiving Day approaches, so too does the end of the church year this weekend. Archbishop Charles Chaput writes that it’s a good time to ask what sort of king is Jesus Christ, and what does his kingship mean for us? Idolatry, he writes, remains a powerful and subtle temptation.

Facts for the record

In a letter to Philadelphia Catholics, Archbishop Charles Chaput points out two errors in a recent Philadelphia Inquirer story about a former Denver seminarian and a priest removed from ministry.