Archbishop Chaput's column

The questions we face

What practical things can we do for and with each other as Christians to rebuild a sense of community in our parishes, our dioceses and in our nation, asks Archbishop Chaput in his column.

The importance of Humanae Vitae

The 1968 encyclical remains a powerful counter-witness to the widespread sexual dysfunction of our age, writes Archbishop Charles Chaput. Many Christians have collapsed in their defense of sexual integrity, but Humanae Vitae has remained a testimony to the truth.

Piety and patriotism

Religious belief and thought have provided moral meaning in America from our start, writes Archbishop Charles Chaput. Next week's Fortnight for Freedom offers citizens a way to defend religious liberty here and abroad.

Sympathy for the devil

Archbishop Charles Chaput describes how modern culture has made a Faustian bargain with the evil one. If our impatient demand for science and technology lacks faith, we are led to despair and self-destruction.

Hard cases make bad law; bad law makes hard cases

Archbishop Charles Chaput writes about the hardship of a boy after the arrest of his undocumented mother. She broke U.S. immigration law, but it is the law itself that is broken. We must demand common sense and justice from lawmakers.

Mary, the Mother of God, the humble and the sane

We live in an era of towering ironies, especially about personal identity, writes Archbishop Charles Chaput. The apparitions of Mary to the most humble show the irony of the love that God bears for the very least among us.

The land of Athanasius and its lessons

The visit of Pope Francis to Egypt last week was an act of personal courage, writes Archbishop Charles Chaput. We don't face persecution as do the Christians of the Middle East, but we should fight for the truth of our faith like one fourth century Egyptian saint.

Remembering two anniversaries

50 years after a papal document on global development and 25 years after Pa. Gov. Bob Casey was muzzled by Democrats, the two events coincided last week with an inexcusable affirmation of abortion by the same party, writes Archbishop Charles Chaput.

The Triduum and Easter 2017

Archbishop Charles Chaput encourages everyone to make personal room for silence and prayer this Holy Week. In the sorrowful endings of Good Friday, we enter the doorway to the beginning of new life in the joy of Easter.

Thoughts on the protection of children

In his column, Archbishop Chaput calls attention to Blue Monday, April 24 and Blue Sunday, April 30, which is a national day of prayer for abused children. He gives an update on child protection efforts in the church and legislation in Harrisburg.