The Ascension is more than goodbye, it’s a promise to ‘see you again’

Gina Christian wonders why Jesus had to ascend into heaven. Maybe the last 2,000 years would have been a paradise, right to the present, if he hadn't. She turns to spiritual masters for the answer.

A seat at the table of the Lord

The constant barrage of food ads and television shows feed a "food obsession." Yet food connects us to our beliefs and ancestors. In this package we dig into the lessons of a shared meal in the Bible and among families, and trace the spiritual significance of our daily bread.

When a Catholic foodie isn’t eating, he’s talking about eating

Sharing a meal is "one of the most intimate acts you can have," says Catholic food blogger Jeff Young. From the Bible to his grandparents' house to his own, he sees the power of the dinner table.

Food in Scripture: A sign of God’s love and steadfastness

Food can be misused just as any earthly good can. It is not misused if we recognize it as a gift from God: an opportunity to be giving, to make sacrifice, to grow in holiness.

A Catholic take on food culture

Food connects us to our beliefs, our communities, our ancestors. Throughout history humans have made food central to human celebration and socialization. Still, we hunger for the Bread of Life.

Telling non-Catholics why penance is necessary

A reader in a retirement community wonders how to answer friends who say sacramental confession insults the sacrifice of Jesus. Father Ken Doyle explains the scriptural roots of penance.

In living the Christian life, we’re not left alone

Reflecting on this Sunday's Mass and its scriptural themes of orphans, Christian community and witness to faith, Msgr. Joseph Prior explains Jesus' promise of the Holy Spirit to remain with us.

Readings of the holy Mass — Sixth Sunday of Easter

Read or listen to the readings before Mass with the resources below from the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, using the New American Bible, Revised Edition.

How often is too often for a deacon to preach?

A parishioner has noticed the permanent deacon preaches the homily twice a month and for Easter and first Communion. Father Ken Doyle examines how frequently a deacon should preach.

Help end ‘absurd’ conflicts with penance, prayer, pope says

Praying for all those affected by war and thanking those involved in humanitarian aid efforts, the pope also marked Mother's Day May 14 by asking everyone to thank and pray to their mothers on earth or in heaven.