Ashes on the outside call us to look inward during Lent

Ash Wednesday leaves an unmistakable mark, one that invites us to undertake a "spiritual do-over" by turning from sin and seeking the Lord.

Ash Wednesday can mark a rebirth of faith in lapsed Catholics

Although it's not a holy day of obligation, the first day of Lent attracts many inactive believers. Parishes can keep them coming back by offering plenty of opportunities to volunteer, pray and fast.

It’s OK to auction off a blessed car, even a Lamborghini

Father Ken Doyle replies to a letter writer curious about a car blessed by the pope that was auctioned to his favorite charities. Father Doyle also explores the link between Girl Scout groups and Planned Parenthood.

Ash Wednesday begins the journey of a lifetime

The first day of Lent calls us to seek a closer relationship with the Lord by turning from sin and opening our hearts to his love. In this series of articles, we examine how new life is born from ashes.

Help people find healing in the wounds of Christ, pope tells priests

A devotion to and meditation on the five wounds of Christ "may sound a bit medieval," but anyone who recognizes he or she is wounded will find mercy and healing in the passion of Christ, Pope Francis said.

Sacrament of matrimony speaks of love Christ’s love for church

Christian marriage takes the human dimensions of attraction, emotion, friendship and sacrificial service and offers a man and woman through their daily life together a language that communicates the nuptial love of Christ for the church.

Does marriage ruin relationships?

Many couples fear that long-term, sacramental commitment stifles love, write Amber and David Lapp. However, matrimony can actually deepen affection and desire, and can increase and enrich a couple's love.

In marriage, the love of Christ is made visible

Pope Francis writes that marriage is an encounter with Jesus who strengthens, heals and walks with the couple in their life together. The Christian couple becomes an icon of the "sacrament of love" in the world.

Marriage in the church

Marriage can be a source of great joy and comfort, but it also entails difficulty and sacrifice, just as does Christian life generally. When lived in the Christian spirit of love, these sufferings can be transformed into signs of unity.

In cleansing a leper, Jesus reveals his power to heal souls

The faith of a diseased, outcast man reminds us of our own brokenness, writes Msgr. Joseph Prior. When we humbly seek Jesus, we experience true and lasting restoration.