This Lent, give up pride, take up humility

Kim Griffin started Lent excited for growth but over-estimated her abilities to resist sin and under-estimated her need for God’s grace. Humility strengthens us to choose not our own will, but to accept God's.

Readings of the holy Mass – Second Sunday of Lent

Read or listen to the readings before Mass with the resources below from the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, using the New American Bible, Revised Edition.

God responds to sin with a plan for mercy and love

In his commentary for the readings on the Second Sunday of Lent, Msgr. Joseph Prior looks at God’s unfolding plan for redemption through the covenant with Abraham, culminating in the resurrection of Jesus.

Giving ‘alms,’ and other acts of charity, during Lent

The Lenten practice of almsgiving is a sacrifice our own comfort and desires for the good of others. Learn more about the roots and practical ways of charity -- gifts not only of our money but our time and talents as well.

Our responsibility to charity requires a self-sacrifice

It is the height of mercy to give our goods for the sake of others, writes Paul Senz. Almsgiving is not just about putting a few dollars into the donation basket. It is about giving of what we have -- and giving of ourselves.

New ways to give alms

Almsgiving has its roots in a Greek term meaning "mercy," and if we adopt some practical suggestions -- like donating the money we would spend on mocha lattes -- it can help us grow in mercy and justice this Lent.

Almsgiving: Give in a way ‘that is pleasing to God’

Throughout Scripture, we find ample evidence of God calling us to give alms to the poor. During the Lenten season we are called to be mindful of the poor in our midst and to respond generously.

Falling totally into God’s hands

Effie Caldarola likes to be in control, even during Lent, so she made goals and lists. But when laid up for a week with sickness, she had to surrender it all, on God's terms.

What do you ‘give up’ on meatless Fridays if you’re already a vegan?

Father Ken Doyle digs into this juicy question about sacrifices during Lent when not eating meat is no sacrifice at all. He also advises a digital worker about a truthfulness in business and in life.

The cross and divine mercy of Jesus

We know what the cross represents, but sometimes we can see it so often that we forget its meaning, writes Maria-Pia Negro Chin. It is a call to remember Christ's sacrifice and his loving mercy for each of us.