God’s kingdom is not flashy show, but grows silently within, pope says

God works in ways that are small and hidden and grow silently until they give fruit, Pope Francis said.

Praying for Judas Iscariot’s soul is an ‘admirable compassion’

Father Ken Doyle helps a reader understand the effectiveness of her prayers, if not for the man who betrayed Jesus, then for someone else. The priest also offers an update, and a remembrance, of a hoped-for-saint.

Mass is a time of silence and prayer, not small talk, pope says

At church, "meet with Jesus," don't engage in "chit chat," Pope Francis said. Christians also must be "surprised by the living encounter with the Lord," he said, and not simply "talk to God like a parrot," repeating the words of prayers without thinking.

‘Shepherds’ who seek money, power cause scandal, pope says

Church leaders who are attached to money and try to climb the ladder of success wound the church and destroy people's hope, Pope Francis said.

Readings of the holy Mass – Thirty-second Sunday in Ordinary Time

Read or listen to the readings before Mass with these resources from the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, using the New American Bible, Revised Edition.

With eyes and hearts open, we await the Lord’s return in peace

Awaiting the Lord's return means following Jesus in every moment, writes Msgr. Joseph Prior. Such vigilance offers serenity, even though we know "neither the day nor the hour" of the second coming, or even of our own deaths.

Attending Mass when you suffer from anxiety attacks

Fear of crowds and enclosed spaces affects one reader's ability to attend Mass, but God understands, writes Father Ken Doyle. The sign of peace should be given in a way that respects personal sensibilities and keeps the focus on the Eucharist.

Reading Scripture in an age of short attention spans

At a time when few people finish reading a story online, it can become easy to cheat ourselves by skimming the Word of God too, writes Gina Christian. The Lord's words are life giving, if we put in the effort.

Salvation is free, not a ‘pay to save’ deal with God, pope says

When it comes to salvation, God does not seek any form of compensation and offers it freely to those in need of his love, Pope Francis said.

Where there is sin, there will always be God’s mercy, pope says

As each person follows God's call, "there will be sins, there will be disobedience, but before this disobedience, there is always mercy," because God is always faithful and never rescinds his gifts.