Easter invites us to rejoice, to reflect and to renew the world

In this package of articles from our partner Catholic News Service, we explore the feast of the Resurrection through the lens of history, Scripture, personal reflection and ethnic traditions.

The evolution of Easter observances

The central celebration of the Christian faith was a controversial one for early Christians, who struggled to assign it a date and a season of preparation. Throughout medieval and modern times, the feast of the Resurrection has continued to develop in new and meaningful ways.

Easter reminds us of our call to share the Gospel message

The joy of the Resurrection leads us to share our individual experiences of Christ's love with others. This mission does not require advanced training or perfect performance, but only a willing and grateful heart.

Scripture provides the road map to Emmaus

After Jesus' death, two disillusioned disciples encountered the risen Lord as a mysterious stranger who revealed himself to them through Scripture and the breaking of the bread. Their experience forms the pattern of the Mass, where the word prepares us to meet Christ in the Eucharist.

We can’t keep from singing alleluia forever

After a long Lent without this joyous Hebrew word, the miracle of Easter allows us to exult with the angels at Christ's resurrection.

How to make pisanki, or Polish Easter eggs

The delicate art of decorating an ancient symbol of the Resurrection emerged in Eastern Europe, including Poland. The tradition, which includes a number of variations, remains a vibrant one in the United States.

A recipe for Easter placek, the traditional Polish bread

The rich, sweet loaf is a Slavic Easter tradition that recalls the new beginning offered by Christ's resurrection from the dead.

Why would a pope meet with atheist Stephen Hawking?

A reader displeased that the pope met with the renowned physicist may be pleased to know that four popes did so, writes Father Ken Doyle in his weekly Q&A column. Hawking respected the church's dialogue with science.

Words in the silence

The many words of Holy Week’s liturgies come at a time when savage words at work and in media are beating down writer Gina Christian. As we relive Christ’s passion, we witness his silence and come to our own inner quietude.

Going to confession is getting God’s loving embrace, pope says

God's love is as "visceral" as a mother's love for her child, he said, which means it is a bond that cannot be forgotten.