Unity in church, families is a grace to request from God, pope says

Sowing division in the church and in families is one of the devil's favorite things and it goes directly against Jesus' will for all his followers, Pope Francis said.

Where are the saints of the Old Testament?

The holy men and women of the Bible might not be called saints, but we can still imitate them, writes Q & A columnist Father Ken Doyle.

Pope Francis urges reflection on ‘final farewell’ from earthly life

Every life involves many leave-takings, both great and small, the pope said, and some involve "many tears" and "much suffering."

Take a bite of Scripture, with lectio divina

Writer Michelle Francl-Donnay reminds of an ancient practice to help us chew on the word of God, and let it penetrate us.

What would it take for a divorcee to become Catholic?

In looking up an answer to a divorced woman's desire to enter the church, Father Ken Doyle is surprised by what he finds. It's complicated.

The power of a loving touch

Deacon Bill Masapollo writes that the sacraments all involve touch, which is a good explanation for the human need to love.

A paralyzed church is ill and needs the Spirit for courage, pope says

"Fear is not a Christian attitude. It is the attitude of a soul behind bars," Pope Francis said May 15. "A scared Christian is a person who has not understood what Jesus' message is."

Remember those good intentions of prayer

Michelle Francl-Donnay thinks we might take the Prayers of the Faithful too lightly. Do we remember them after Mass? We should hold one of them in our hearts long after.

How do I love thee? Gospel teaches how to count the ways, pope says

Real love is constant, concrete and communicates -- it is action over words and it obeys the Beatitudes, Pope Francis said at his morning Mass.

Put your problems, concerns, loved ones in the Lord’s hands, pope says

"A prayer of entrustment" is something many Christians do not do very often, but they should, the pope said May 5 during the Mass in the chapel of the Domus Sanctae Marthae.