Lent 2015

An immense outpouring of mercy, beyond counting

Michelle Francl-Donnay's chemistry students are challenged to count the molecules in a cup of water, and she finds a parallel with Abraham and Isaac in the second reading of the Easter Vigil.

Take it from an old man: The only thing that matters is love

God's joy is contagious, writes Father John Catoir. Since you are a carrier of divine love, why not figure out ways to help those near you? Think of ways to bring joy especially to those who may live in fear.

Don’t let meatless Fridays be just a seafood splurge

Real fasting isn't just restricting food choices, Pope Francis said, it must also include cleansing the heart of all selfishness and crying out "full-throated and unsparingly" against injustice and sin.

Don’t be a successful failure: Choose life over false gods, pope says

Don't use peer pressure, greed or laziness as an excuse to chase after false gods and become a wildly successful failure, Pope Francis said.

On the Eucharist, a question of presence: Is it real or symbolic?

For a definitive answer on the topic, Father Ken Doyle refers a doubtful reader to Jesus' own words in the sixth chapter of St. John's Gospel. Widely varying polling data about Catholics' beliefs indicate the need for better teaching.

A prayer for peace in Ukraine

The Ukrainian Catholic Archeparchy of Philadelphia released the following prayer in conjunction with the appeal for prayers for Ukraine.

Homily gripe prompts call for delicate words at funeral

Father Ken Doyle admits a homilist should exercise more tact when speaking of the dead, especially among friends. But it's not the same as telling tales from the confessional.

Baptism: Opening the door to the Kingdom of God

Columnist Effie Caldarola recalls personal moving stories of baptism that remind her of the sacrament's importance now and for eternity with God.

Christian ID: You have to leave comforts of home to find it, pope says

People will not find the face of God by relaxing at home on the couch, surfing online or reading encyclopedias, Pope Francis said.

Still prefer Latin Mass? It’s no reason to stay home on Sunday

Father Ken Doyle is sad to hear that a letter-writer doesn't go to church because she prefers the traditional Latin Mass. He strongly suggests an alternative. He also counts the reasons why churches should publish a financial report.