Why watch ‘morally offensive’ movies?

Father Ken Doyle answers one reader's question about whether it's OK to watch certain movies, and another question about children bringing toys to church. Don't get him started on Cheerios in church cushions.

Blessed are the losers, at least by worldly standards, pope says

VATICAN CITY (CNS) -- The "poor in spirit," the pure and the merciful, whom Jesus described as "blessed," are the same people the world considers to be "losers," Pope Francis told Catholic young people.

Best legacy to leave behind is personal witness to Christ, pope says

VATICAN CITY (CNS) -- Despite personal failings and sins, Christians must live and die with hope, leaving behind a legacy of having trusted fully in God, Pope Francis said.

Pope: Don’t skip Sunday Mass; people need communion with God, church

VATICAN CITY (CNS) -- It's so important to go to Mass every Sunday because that's where people receive Christ who saves, forgives and unites everyone to his father, church and each other, Pope Francis said.

Pope: Sacrifice key to reaping wealth of God’s love, fighting misery

VATICAN CITY (CNS) -- In his first message for Lent, Pope Francis called on Christians to follow Jesus courageously as they seek out the poor and sinners, and to make difficult sacrifices in order to help and heal others. Lent begins March 5 for Latin-rite Catholics.

Pope Francis’ message for Lent 2014: An invitation to evangelical poverty in our time

Vatican Information Service released the full text of the pope's message for Lent, titled “He became poor, so that by his poverty you might become rich.”

Pope Francis’ prayer intentions for February

Pope Francis' universal prayer intention for February is: “That the Church and society may respect the wisdom and experience of older people.” His intention for evangelization is: “That priests, religious, and lay people may work together with generosity for evangelization.”

Temptation is a fact of life; no one is immune to sin, pope says

VATICAN CITY (CNS) -- Temptation is a normal part of life's struggle, and anyone who claims to be immune from it is either a little angel visiting from heaven or "a bit of an idiot," Pope Francis said.

Daughter joins Protestant church, dad wrings his hands

A Catholic father is kept up at night over his Catholic daughter marrying a Lutheran man. Rest easily, advises Father Ken Doyle, since her apparently devout Christian faith and marriage can lead her to heaven.

Pope: Better to eat humble pie than let anger harden the heart

Holding onto one's hatred and anger, instead of taking the first step toward peace, only renders people "isolated in this bitter broth of our resentment," Pope Francis said at a morning Mass Jan. 24.