The call to fear and isolationism needs witnesses like Edith Stein

Effie Caldarola is worried by our political season but encouraged by the "better angles of our nature" and other Good Samaritans. Perhaps at no time in recent history have we needed those witnesses more.

An eternity in heaven: Never-ending sameness, or the answer of our lives?

It has not been a great summer for politics or peace. But for Eric Banecker it’s been a comparatively good summer for music. One song has him wondering about life, its purpose and where it’s ultimately heading.

How the Supreme Court’s work became politics by another name

Justice Ginsberg's comments on Donald Trump point out the intrusion of politics into the judiciary, from the left and the right, John Garvey believes. The high court has only itself to blame for its erosion of trust.

On racism, moral leadership needed not just from presidents but all citizens

Black lives and all lives do matter, writes Bishop Edward Braxton. Leaders from all walks of life must reassert this conviction through action so that people may move toward consensus and conversion of heart.

‘Spiritual issue’ of racism confronts the Christian vocation to heal

Racism is a “soul sickness” calling everyone to a conversion of heart, says an editorial from a national Catholic newspaper. We must pull ourselves out of isolation which fuels indifference and fear of the other.

All lives matter, and the death penalty is especially unjust

Justice for any of us is justice for all. Let's respect each other, writes Effie Caldarola, and let's start at the top: Get rid of the death penalty and its lethal legacy of discrimination.

Pa. House breaks for summer, no action on sex abuse bill

No matter the final resolution with HB 1947, the Catholic Church will honor its commitment to the well-being of individuals who have been impacted by the crime of childhood sexual abuse, no matter how long ago the crime was committed, writes Amy Hill.

Remembering Elie Wiesel and the unborn

"Our lives ... belong to all those who need us desperately," the Nobel laureate once said. Father William Byron writes that we need for protection from ourselves -- our inner demons, selfish ambitions and desire to dominate and accumulate.

Mayor Jim Kenney’s tweet on archdiocesan norms incenses Catholic watchdog

Bill Donohue, head of the Catholic League for Religious and Civil rights, blasts the Philadelphia mayor’s attack on Archbishop Charles Chaput as a misuse of public office.

Making investments that work for the poor

Carolyn Woo describes impact investing in which parishes and religious organizations not only teach a person to fish but set up boats, equipment and trucks to make fishing, and other work, real options for livelihood.