Devotion needs the daily work of conversion

Just as we need to polish brass to keep it shiny, so we also need to work off the corrosion on our hearts to stay devoted to God, writes Father Eugene Hemrick.

Sisters stand with migrants, call for compassion from civil leaders

The Sisters of St. Francis of Philadelphia issued a statement of support for immigrant and refugee "brothers and sisters" early this month. They urge leaders to rethink the call for "massive deportation of immigrant people."

Four years, and moments of grace, into a Latino papacy

By speaking and thinking in Spanish, Pope Francis is introducing Catholics to incredibly rich and beautiful ways of articulating our faith that are relevant to all, writes Latino Catholic scholar Hosffman Ospino.

Nations, like persons, must learn how to forgive

Among the many things that President Donald Trump might learn from President Abraham Lincoln is the wisdom of national forgiveness. America needs forgiveness for many faults and we should pray it now.

Religious freedom: A partisan issue?

Attacks on President Trump's order on religious liberty reveal the new "faith" of some secular liberals: to discriminate against other faiths. Freedom of religion should again have bipartisan support, writes Richard Doerflinger.

The empty chaos of today’s art might be telling us something

John Garvey doesn't want to accept poetry without rhyme, music without sound or painting without form but to rebel against that art. The Catholic vision of God bringing order to chaos could benefit the culture.

Money is tight for family; should they cut back donations to church?

Deacon Paul and Helen McBlain advise a couple with a strong tradition of tithing -- giving 10 percent to their church -- even as their family grows. Prayerful communication and compromise is key for the couple.

What’s for dinner in Lent? Fish, and faith

Maureen Pratt sees the many healthful benefits of eating certain kinds of fish. So important were fish to ancient people that it is no surprise fishing appears in the Gospel stories we reflect on during Lent.

We need the ethical wisdom of Ben Sira more than ever

The ancient writer of the Bible's Book of Sirach is especially relevant because of today's blatant falsehoods, pitiable rhetoric, and egotistical self-righteousness. He presents checks and balances needed to guide us through challenging times.

Is a print publication coming back to the archdiocese? editor Matthew Gambino explains plans for the possible launch of a new, local Catholic news magazine. The archdiocese needs to know how many people will pay to read it -- see how you can respond.