Overdose takes another young life, but we persevere in prayer

Greg Erlandson prayed for his friend's daughter for years during her addiction, and he will continue praying at her funeral liturgy. The hopes of friends and family remain in the Lord, who will not abandon them.

Cheers to the folks who fix things, and to solid career options

Maureen Pratt's need of a home repair made her appreciate how valuable construction and repair trades are in life, and the great value of the men and women employed in them.

We’re living in a digital age, and future priests must be formed in it

Writing his first column for, Oblate Father Thomas Dailey explains how seminarians in priestly formation must learn balance, not by turning off their devices but by encountering people online and offline.

Teens around the globe seek peace at Jerusalem summit

At an international gathering in Israel, youth from different backgrounds worked to build a culture of encounter and peace.

Together, couple can climb mountain of college financing

Deacon Paul and Helen McBlain study how a married couple with differing views of paying for college can help their daughter on the road to higher education. Having a plan and working together is the key.

Today’s population implosion has links to weakened faith

Reflecting on low birth rates, Richard Doerflinger thinks the decline in belief has led people to focus on the pleasures of this life only. Pursuing pleasure excludes devoting time and effort to marriage and children.

On our over-sexed society: You break it, you bought it

Greg Erlandson clearly sees the high personal and social costs of lust. But there are six other deadly sins, and of them, pride may be the most insidious as it keeps us from recognizing the other sins in ourselves.

Parishes need to welcome and involve their young adults

Elise and Christopher had different experiences of Catholic life -- some good, some not -- but both see the necessity of getting young adults involved in the parish, beginning with the parish council.

Bishop Nelson Perez and a new moment for Catholicism

Hosffman Ospino writes that the naming of the former Philadelphia priest as the first Hispanic bishop of Cleveland, and of the entire Midwest, is a historical milestone and good news for U.S. Catholics.

Health care needs fixing, not the scrap yard

A guest editorial argues the universal health care system in the U.S. should be fixed for the 20 percent of it that isn't working, not repealed for the 80 percent that is. It's taken 150 years to get here.