Assisted suicide: It’s about all of us

"Terminal diseases" like depression, lack of wealth and old age can lead to a quick death under Oregon's physician assisted suicide law, writes Richard Doerflinger. That is why it's a matter of justice for all of society.

The imperative of educating Hispanic children in Catholic schools

There are 14.6 million school-age Catholic children in the U.S., of whom 8 million are Hispanic. Because they will help define the present and the future of Catholicism here, writes Hosffman Ospino, we cannot lose them.

Caring for ‘the other America’

The 2016 election attracted much attention to the residents of small towns and rural areas between the crowded coastal states and media centers. Greg Erlandson knows the deep Catholic roots in these communities, and their suffering.

Greatest gift to the homeless: Making them feel significant

The hard work of restoring a homeless person's sense of self-worth means trying to repair years of mental chaos. But we can all do our part, writes Father Eugene Hemrick, by stopping to talk to the person.

Recharge your batteries before entering ‘ordinary time’

Maureen Pratt suggests that folding quality exercise, fellowship and spiritual pursuits into our days will be much more rejuvenating than the quantitative approach we employ during a jam-packed holiday season.

Do not fuel culture of the shocking

You Tube can offer tasteful music, tutorials and positive role models, but it can also show exploitative and unethical content, writes Maria-Pia Negro Chin. She urges users to share only the positive.

National Migration Week: A reminder of our duty to welcome the stranger

The Archbishop of San Francisco suggests three things Catholics should do this week about immigration: study church teaching on the topic, get to know an immigrant person, and pray for just reform of the system.

Discernment begins in the everyday

As the big question of "What should I do with my life?" grew bigger and no answer came, Anamaria Scaperlanda Biddick just let the question lie. Then she began to prioritize and to focus not on the distant future, but on today.

Where gladness and hunger meet is where God is calling you

There are many needs right in your own parish community. But instead of volunteering because you "have to," find a good fit that elicits a "deep sense of gladness," writes Effie Caldarola. Then run, don't walk, to make this commitment.

What we owe America’s farmworkers

Many Americans care about eating ethically (organic or free range) but do not think about the exploitation of the largely Latino farmworkers who are making their meals possible. Immigration reform would be huge step toward justice.