New study of Catholic parishes offers good news, bad news

The latest research on U.S. Catholics both encourages and challenges, writes Greg Erlandson. Mass attendance is down, lay involvement is up -- while vocations, finances and youth outreach remain ongoing concerns.

Civility and church life

Archbishop Chaput comments in the current issue of First Things magazine on the withdrawal of an invitation to Jesuit Father James Martin to speak at a Washington, D.C. seminary, and the nature of discourse in America today.

Christians must stand for dialogue when cyberbullies attack

Online furor led Catholic University's seminary to cancel a talk by Jesuit Father James Martin, author of a book on outreach to the LGBT community. The priest's call for conversation should not be silenced by trolls, writes Effie Caldarola.

Technology can’t (and shouldn’t) take all the bumps out of life’s journey

The tenth anniversary of the iPhone invites us to reflect on the impact of technology, writes Brett Robinson. Convenience and comfort can block the way to the divine, as an ancient pilgrimage route reminds travelers.

Complexities of immigration meet the eternal wisdom of God

The Bible shows that immigration is God's means for emancipation, writes Father Eugene Hemrick, and today's newcomers enhance the life of the church and nation. But without considering God's law, immigration laws have no possibility of succeeding.

Young adult ministry accompanied me during addiction recovery

The compassion of fellow parishioners helped Scott Weeman find new life after a lonely struggle with drugs and alcohol. Their shared vulnerability formed new spiritual bonds.

Seeds of faith continue to flourish in Latino youth

A bilingual Catholic youth movement from New York brings the love of Christ to thousands, writes Maria-Pia Negro Chin.

Life was difficult 50 years ago, but it’s now harder than ever for young people

Previous generations labored to make ends meet, writes Moises Sandoval. Today, a lack of full-time jobs with benefits has intensified the struggle to survive.

The prerogative power belongs to kings, not presidents

Congress needs to take responsibility for making key decisions, rather than handing the president a royal scepter, writes John Garvey.

Relief efforts demonstrate ‘best traditions of the nation’

The recent hurricanes that have devastated portions of the country provide powerful opportunities to unite in rebuilding lives, as Mike Krokos observes.