Praying for immigrants

Los Angeles Archbishop Jose Gomez prays that Americans see themselves in the faces of new immigrants to the U.S. -- may we see in them our own desire for happiness and to be welcomed and loved.

The coming synod and the need to really listen to Hispanic youth

Hosffman Ospino hopes dioceses can see the results of a Vatican questionnaire to Hispanic youth. The church must rely not only on a survey but on going out to where young people are.

A call to oppose the rise of rudeness

The climate of courtesy in the U.S. may have plunged, but Effie Caldarola believes we should make our lives speak of respect and mercy. We should "go high" even as other folks are "going low."

On Father’s Day, pray for flawed and deadbeat dads

Fathers receive almost no preparation for their crucial role in the family, and some fathers make the worst of mistakes. Carolyn Woo calls for empathy for imperfect fathers everywhere.

Are we (really) listening?

Although we retain less than a quarter of what we hear each day, there are skills to help us understand and engage better -- for important talks or even in prayer -- writes Maureen Pratt.

Young adults: The world needs your voice

Writer Patrick Laorden has noticed fewer young adults at Mass. And they are not engaged in ongoing social ministry. Where are they? The upcoming synod on youth will likely ask that same question.

Loud music makes for hard times in the neighborhood

In their Marriage Matters column, Deacon Paul and Helen McBlain write of a couple dealing with a bad neighbor. The husband wants a confrontation, the wife a conciliation.

Inspired by a saint, doctor helped ban procedure before her death

The husband of Dr. Amy Reed, who died of complications from cancer last month, reflects on his wife's battle against the medical industry aided by her faith and the model of St. George.

Seek the common good in the sausage that is the federal budget

Effie Caldarola finds the proposed federal budget a confused and confusing document that would slash spending for the poor. She seeks a national conversation on poverty, wealth and compassion.

This is what Christian persecution looks like

Worldwide, 322 Christians are killed and 214 churches or Christian properties destroyed every month, according to one estimate. Greg Erlandson urges us to be moved to prayer by these martyrs.