Racism is a disease that must be cured

The new administration can count on the Catholic Church, writes Archbishop Wilton Gregory, to help eradicate this devastating moral sickness at a time when racist sentiments have again become acceptable to express publicly.

Spend less, give more and turn Christmas upside down

Americans will spend $656 billion, or more than $800 per person, on Christimas gifts this year. Maria-Pia Negro Chin believes we should be praying more fully and stop spending money on gifts we won't remember.

Looking beyond the electoral divide and politics itself for healing

Wise advice from Abraham Lincoln and C.S. Lewis can help us examine our own hearts as we seek healing and hope after the division and rancor of the recent presidential election, writes a guest commentator.

Four ways Trump can help the church to serve society

Archbishop William Lori says the federal government has tried to coerce people of faith to violate their consciences. He believes President-elect Donald Trump can remove regulatory burdens that weigh heavily on people of faith.

What the pro-life community wants from the Trump administration

Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York, writing in a new series of columns, hopes to see immediate enforcement of federal conscience protections on abortion and an end to the contraceptive mandate.

This link you can trust: How to spot fake news

Fake restaurant reviews are bad enough, but Effie Caldarola finds it far more serious when unscrupulous purveyors make up news just for money. She advises we click on items only from reputable, though flawed, media.

This year we need the self-denial of Advent more than ever

This Advent Father Eugene Hemrick looks to the prophetic words of Vatican II, and he suggests we shun the barrage of indecencies on internet social networks that reduce us to second-class citizens.

Yes, there are faithful Millennials who stay Catholic at college

Seminarian Eric Banecker sits down to chat with Aurora Griffin, author of "How I Stayed Catholic at Harvard." She dishes on church ministry to young adults, building community among young Catholics, and more.

Making our time, even in our busyness, God’s time

As a busy working mom, Melissa Fordyce found it hard to carve out time for all-important prayer. So she began dedicating her time in the car to Jesus -- making a blessing, not a waste, of time spent in traffic.

At Thanksgiving, remember God’s gifts are enough

As we get ready to share a meal and show gratitude, Maria-Pia Negro Chin reminds that God has blessed us already, and that would have been enough. But he brings forth even more blessings anyway.