Choose to hope, even if it doesn’t come easily

In these rugged political and social times, one can wake at night with anxiety, the opposite of hope. But Effie Caldarola finds encouragement in people whose action for justice impels us to hope.

The slow reform: No quick fixes for the evils we face

Be it abortion or the sexual abuse crisis, the unraveling of evil takes place over a very long time, writes Father Eric Banecker. The solution to sin is quiet, lengthy conversion. The problem is us. God has great victories in mind.

50 years after encyclical, a breast cancer epidemic

Since 1973 non-invasive breast cancer incidence has increased 400 percent, which Dr. Angela Lanfranchi links to directly to the birth control pill. Women have a right to know they are taking a carcinogen for a non-disease: fertility.

Seeing the beauty in disability, and in those who help

Mary Breiner was active in her Catholic parish before a disease struck her ability to walk. A new parish pastor modified the church so she could get around in her wheelchair, even as some at first opposed the changes.

They’re not vegetables, they’re people

Experts now say "permanent vegetative state" shouldn't be used to describe people unresponsive due to an injury, writes Richard Doerflinger. They can be helped, something the church has recognized for years.

St. Oscar Romero, the saints and the dead

The memory of St. Oscar Romero compels us to live ordinary lives open to being transformed by God's grace and to denounce the actions and circumstances that shorten people's lives.

In praise of good priests, the stand-up men

On a retreat, author Mike Carotta noticed that priests he's known for years are older but they still seek God, and still stand with the people in every season. Let us stand with them, in gratitude.

‘Here I am, Lord’

As she viewed creation from a plane, Melissa Enaje grasped how God made the world and each of us, calling us to follow him. Will we answer "present," or be absent by our silence?

Abuse scandal might not be biggest challenge we face

The church is in an epoch of change she does not understand, writes Greg Erlandson. Topping the list of at least seven enormous challenges: living as witnesses of Jesus' love in the world.

To watch a building burn, or jump into it and save lives?

That choice is what the church's teaching of an "option for the poor" meant to St. Oscar Romero, who converted from clericalism to an embrace of poor people. He is a model of conviction for everyone today.