Did Mom sign up for messy family life? Yes, she did

Laura Kelly Fanucci's work as a mother means washing stomach-churning laundry, comforting a crying newborn and working through her home's daily conflicts. It isn't glamorous. It is a service of love.

‘Freedom of choice’ becoming a right to coerce

Richard Doerflinger believes "freedom of choice" is showing its age as a slogan. But since it has a myth of neutrality, some doctors and insurers are preferring to demand death over choosing life.

How is your use of tech affecting memory and imagination?

Dangerous addictions and positive upsides to using technology call for a healthy balance, writes Brett Robinson, and that starts with asking, What is all of this technology practice forming us for?

Fatima’s message for fathers

The apparition of Our Lady and the Holy Family at Fatima reminds us of the vital role played by parents, especially fathers, in manifesting God's love in the world.

Evicted: The U.S. housing crisis and the link to poverty

Rents are rising, wages are stagnant and 2.5 million people are kicked out of their homes every year. Federal programs exist but fraud may hamper their ability to confront an American emergency.

Signs of the times read hazard, and hope, ahead

Richard Doerflinger sees a hunger for God in our world, even through the suicide of rock star Chris Cornell. We can't hide from today's corrosive culture, but we are called to heal it by telling the Christian story.

Attending Mass led to my conversion to Catholicism

Chris White found plenty of scholarship steering him to the Catholic Church. But it was the liturgy's silent break from a noisy world, holy Communion and sense of reverence that mattered most.

To tell the truth — and what happens when we don’t

Father Eugene Hemrick wonders if people's anxiety or even suicide might be rooted in their frustration with not learning the truth and feeling duped. We all want honesty, and he suggests it starts with being truthful with ourselves.

Missing Monica, and staying prepared for ‘grief pockets’

It's been four years since Bill Dodds became a widower. Just when he was cruising through his pace of grieving/not grieving, he hit pockets of turbulent sadness. But he's learning to manage it.

Graduation speakers should embody virtue

A school's choice of commencement speaker can be a cause of controversy - or an opportunity to present a living example of righteousness.