An advocate for the Gospel of Life

Richard Doerflinger commends award winner Mary Ann Glendon, who shows how to advance an urgent message by embracing family and friends and approaching everyone, including opponents, in a friendly and gentle way.

When cancer diagnosis hits, discover life-changing power of joy

At 35, Olivia Clarke Silver learned she had cancer. After she beat it, a small group of friends helped change her life. She began volunteering and found that being joyful with others brings us closer to God.

How do we know what a smile really means?

In some cultures people distrust those who smile. Because of that we should put positive actions behind our expressions of joy and welcome, writes Maureen Pratt.

How to widen our hearts on Mother’s Day

When moms are asked to stand to be recognized at church this Sunday, Mother's Day, let's not forget those women who are mothers to many, and remain invisible in the applause.

‘Sorry’ seems to be the hardest word

High-profile apologies from Pope Francis and the late Barbara Bush invite us to honestly acknowledge our mistakes and ask for forgiveness, writes Effie Caldarola.

The decline in relationships

Loneliness among Americans stands at 40 percent, and depression has increased tenfold since 1960, writes Moises Sandoval. If our hunger for loving our neighbor as our self is unfulfilled, we are poor indeed.

On Ascension Thursday, look up from the phone to new life

Next Thursday's feast raises our view to Jesus in heaven, who helps the lonely in every generation, writes Father Thomas Dailey. That's why the day's Mass is not merely an obligation to fulfill but a reason to rejoice.

Mom’s negative language impacting young daughters

Deacon Paul and Helen McBlain discuss how a husband and wife can work to change behaviors for the benefit of their children, who will believe the negative or positive statements said about them.

Five ways the church can welcome young families

Many young people feel isolated in society and the church. Robert Christian, a millennial parent, shows how the church can eliminate the sense of anonymity by welcoming individuals and young children.

Does online evangelization work?

Sow the seeds of faith on Facebook and other social media platforms, but tend the harvest through face-to-face interactions, writes Brett Robinson. Simple, heartfelt love will attract others to the Gospel message.