Apology is an art, not a public relations message

Apologies that take responsibility for one's action, acknowledge the damage caused by the offense and articulate a way of becoming virtuous are what allow the process of reconciliation to begin.

Constitution frowns on forcing a baker to refer gay couples elsewhere

Before we had a first amendment, the Constitution of 1789 was designed to prevent the government from making people subscribe to propositions they had religious scruples about, writes John Garvey.

Mind the moments of life, and don’t blink in a photo

Just as we don't know precisely when the camera will snap, or when we'll need to run for our lives, or when the Lord comes again, we should recall St. Mark's admonition to be ready, writes Maureen Pratt.

When Santa rides a Harley in Rome, it’s time to recover Christmas

Christmas consumerism that overtook America is making inroads on the Eternal City. Vatican visitor Greg Erlandson knows easy to grow cynical about what has become of Christmas, but he offers a remedy.

Encouraging news on abortion

Abortions have been declining since 2005 and in 2014 hit the lowest total since 1974, and the rates of abortion are dropping too, writes Richard Doerflinger. The reason, he believes: fewer teens are having sex.

Life is about waiting, and as Advent shows, it’s worth the wait

Families are made by waiting and made for waiting together, writes Laura Kelly Fanucci. In good times and in bad, our everyday Advents are the fabric of ordinary time. God makes holy our longing and looking forward.

It’s time to change our minds about Christmas

As Advent calendars of every kind tinge this season of preparation with consumerism, there is a way to re-wire our hearts so we may actively watch for God in our daily lives, writes Oblate Father Thomas Dailey.

Humanity’s joys, aspirations and pains converge in Jerusalem

Basilian Father Thomas Rosica offers a reflection and a prayer on the holy city of Jerusalem -- the mother church for Christians. It is a religious necessity and a national memory for Jews and Muslims.

Babysitting grandmom overcommits to her daughters; now what?

Deacon Paul and Helen McBlain explain how some solid communication can help an over-extended woman spend time with her retired husband and enjoy her long-awaited grandchildren.

Winter’s dark days are a time for reflection

Cold winds and long nights invite us to do some soul-searching, especially during this troubling season in our nation's history, writes Effie Caldarola.