A week from now citizens of our country will have elected a new president and numerous other officials down to the local levels.

Before voting on Nov. 4, every American should be able to say that he or she studied the issues and the candidates as thoroughly as possible. This newspaper and numerous resources of the Archdiocese and the Catholic Bishops of our country have made every attempt to convey the teachings of our faith in order to help form the consciences of Catholics before they perform their civic duty to vote next Tuesday, and for all the moral choices they make in life.

This week the CS&T recaps our previous four-part series examining the Bishops’ document on faithful citizenship (see it in detail). In recent weeks we’ve published Cardinal Rigali’s reflections on Church teaching on formation of conscience, the issues of the election and the prime importance of protecting the right to life. We’ve published information on the positions of candidates concerning our nation’s most pressing issues, in English and Spanish.

Beyond all this material provided for readers, one more thing is asked. Before the election faithful citizens should also pray for America and for its leaders. Each of us should pray for the grace to act according to our properly formed conscience.

This Sunday Catholics in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia will take these intentions to our most sacred place, the Eucharistic table. At every parish in the Archdiocese Masses will include petitions for our country in the days leading to the election. See the full text on page 12.

Following Masses, every parish will expose the Blessed Sacrament for Adoration by the faithful.

At Mass and afterward before our Eucharistic Lord, the source and summit of Catholic worship, the Church presents an opportunity to pray for our homeland in its crucial time of decision.