Earlier this year, the Archdiocese produced a series of video segments to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the Church in Philadelphia. The videos were titled “I See the Goodness.” In each, a Catholic inspanidual reflected on the experience of his or her faith as it is lived in parish life, education, or in many other ways. Each person concluded the segment with the words, “I see the goodness in the Catholic Church.”

The videos were vignettes telling the good lives and good works happening every day, all in the name of Jesus Christ, for the glory of almighty God. Each week in this newspaper (except next week, one of two weeks in which we do not publish) we tell the stories of some of those people.

This week among others, there is the story of the Cardinal’s Christmas Party for Children. Cardinal Rigali continued a tradition of 53 years by hosting the party with fun entertainment, music, gifts and a visit by Santa Claus for more than 400 children served throughout the year by archdiocesan Catholic Social Services. The party raises funds for these children of our own neighborhoods who find help in many forms from the Catholic Church.

Readers will meet Anthony Willoughby, a worker at the CSS-operated St. John’s Hospice, which serves homeless men in Philadelphia with food, shelter and most important, dignity.

In a world and a time of mounting challenges, there are constants. These include compassionate care in the face of need, faith and hope in a time of uncertainty, and love in a time of fear and hatred. The constant good always overcomes evils – be they war, neglect, injustice or a host of other sins.

Take time this Christmas to see the goodness again in your home, in your parish and in the world. Grace remains God’s constant gift that inspires us to serve Him and love Him, and our neighbor as well.

Reading the good news

More than 900 families of St. Bridget Parish in Philadelphia’s East Falls section have begun to receive The Catholic Standard & Times in their homes each week as part of our Parish Coverage Program.

The CS&T thanks St. Bridget and the 38 other parishes in the Archdiocese that have joined the program, which offers them an affordable way to inform, educate and inspire Catholics all year long. Parishes can call 215-587-3667 for more details.

Welcome, St. Bridget Parish!