Readers who grew up during the Great Depression are asked to submit, in 300 words or less, their most cherished recollections of Christmases past.

Growing up during the Great Depression, what is your most cherished Christmastime memory, what year was it and how old were you?

What were your favorite family traditions at Christmastime?

When did your family celebrate Christmas Mass? Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day morning, or both? How far was the church from your home and by what mode of transportation did your family go to church? (Please include the name and town of your childhood parish.)

When did your family open Christmas presents? Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?

What was the best Christmas present you gave or received as a child, what year was it and how old were you?

Do you recall any Christmastime blizzards during your childhood?

What is your advice to consumers of 2010 about how to get the most from every dollar when shopping for Christmas presents?

What are among the most creative yet practical Christmas presents you suggest today’s consumers purchase or make?

For publication consideration, please reply to CS&T Staff Writer Christie L. Chicoine by e-mail at or by standard mail to:

Christie L. Chicoine, Staff Writer, The Catholic Standard and Times, 222 N. 17th St. #913, Philadelphia, Pa. 19103.

Please include your full name (and maiden name if applicable), date of birth, parents’ names, your rank in family (for example, youngest of nine children, oldest of five children, third of three children), name of the parish and town in which you were raised as well as the name of the parish and town in which you are currently registered.

For verification purposes only, please also include a home and/or cell phone number.