Editor’s note: This report will be updated through midmorning prayer.

8:45 am. 

Here at St. Charles Seminary, waiting for transfer of Cardinal John Foley’s body.

Hearse waits at foot of steps at seminary entrance, at cardinal’s home away from Rome for more than 25 years.

Seminarians, faculty and friends gather in main lobby amidst subdued Christmas decorations.

TV, radio, print media preparing for coverage.

8:50 a.m.

Professional cross, candles, thurible (incense), held by seminarians, ready for reception rite to begin.

Sung psalm for reception rite is Psalm 122, “let us go rejoicing to the house of the Lord.”

The cardinal’s coffin is being carried by seminarian pall bearers from hearse into the seminary.

9:00 a.m.

Incense fills the air inside. All is quite silent, among the 40 guests.

Copper colored dignified coffin sits in center of lobby.

Fr. Joseph Bongard, seminary vice rector, leads reception prayer rite. A reading from st. Paul, from Colossians.

General intercessions, Lord’s Prayer….”the lord has called our brother John Foley home…”

Psalm is sung by scholars, a small choir, as pall bearers and seminary community proceed to chapel.

142 seminarians proceed double file down hallways of seminary, chanting psalm 122, into St Martin’s chapel.

They pass by portraits of the archbishops of Philadelphia, where then Msgr Foley walked as a professor for many years.

9:30 a.m.

Total silence exists in the chapel and connecting hallways.

Msgr. Foley was a philosophy professor at the seminary. As faculty he would often celebrate Mass in the very chapel where his body now lies.

Auxiliary Bishop Daniel Thomas, close friend of Cardinal Foley, is celebrant for the Mid morning Prayer liturgy.

He leads all in chanting the opening greeting, follwed by the hymn, ” O Radiant Light.”

Seminary community chants antiphonally, from one side of aisles to the other, the psalms of the liturgy, led by a cantor.

Cardinal’s coffin sits, covered by a pall, symbolizing baptismal garment, at foot of altar.

142 seminarians plus guests pray in song in praise of God. Huge chapel less than half full but sounds of praise are beautiful.

Psalms 70, 85, 86 are chanted in English. Part of Liturgy of the Hours, prayer throughout the Church at every hour, in the world.

Priests, deacons, consecrated religious have traditionally prayed the liturgy, now increasing numbers of laity are praying it daily.

Reading: “I know that my redeemed lives, and I shall see God.”

Bishop Thomas concludes with sung closing prayer. Voice is cracking, moved by deepest emotions. He and + Foley were close friends.

Lid from coffin is removed, revealing Foley’s body for visitors to pay respects here all day.

Msgr. Hans Brouwers, longtime aide and friend, helps to adjust body’s episcopal garments.

10:05 a.m.

Cardinal Foley’s body lies in state now at the seminary. He is clad in white Mass vestments, with bishop’s miter.

On his right hand next to his episcopal ring is a rosewood rosary. On left hand is the insignia of Order of Holy Sepulchre, which he led

At the foot of the casket image small table is his crimson red biretta, the three-cornered hat of a cardinal.

The cardinal’s body will lie in state for visitation until Mass tonight at 7, celebrated by Bishop Daniel Thomas.

Preparations continue for the solemn funeral mass and commital of the cardinal’s body in the cathedral crypt Friday at 2 p.m.

Signing off from St. Charles Borromeo Seminary.