The hearse carrying Cardinal John Foley’s body waits on 18th St. At cathedral steps in Philadelphia.

Bishop Robert Maginnis, retired auxiliary of Phila, will lead the reception of body into cathedral.

Cardinal Foley was ordained in this cathedral in 1962, ordained a bishop here in 1984. This will be his final resting place.

Black bunting drapes front of cathedral. News media, four local stations KYW radio and print media & Cath Standard, wait.

Casket is removed from hearse, brought into cathedral vestibule by seminarian pall bearers.

Bishop Maginnis begins rite of reception of cardinal Foley’s body.

A pall is placed over casket. Pall symbolizes the white garment of purity that Christians receive at baptism.

Casket enters the nave of the cathedral slowly in procession, followed by 10 knights & ladies of the Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jesus.

Casket sits at foot of the sanctuary in main aisle, before lit paschal candle.

Casket faces out to the people, just as Cardinal Foley, as a priest, celebrated Mass, bringing Jesus to His people.

Rite of reception similar to yesterday’s at seminary: mid morning prayer of Liturgy of the Hours, chanted, led by cantor.

At doors to Cathedral, on either side, sit a photograph of Cardinal Foley’s mother, Regina.

On other side, along with prayer cards of the cardinal, is a framed letter of Pope Benedict to the Cardinal.

The pope’s letter is dated Nov. 11, 4 weeks before Cardinal Foley’s death. Check shortly for full text of letter.

Pall is removed from casket, blanket unfurled. Cardinal’s body is on view for visitation until Mass this afternoon.

As yesterday, cardinal’s longtime aide and friend, Msgr. Hans Brouwers, places bishop’s miter on Cardinal’s head.

Red biretta, cardinal’s hat, placed on a small table in front of open casket.

Bishop Maginnis leads prayers over the body of his friend and brother Philadelphia priest.

Liturgical ministers depart sanctuary. Knights of Holy Sepulchre stand as honor guard during visitation today.

Long time friends Msgr Owen Campion of Our Sunday Visitor (national Catholic newspaper) & Louisville Archbishop Joseph Kurtz pay respects.

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