In Loving Memory of
Dorothy Gill
July 30, 2003

When we look back upon our lives
No matter when or where
At every age and step and stage
Mom, you were always there.
You made us feel so safe and loved,
Your kindness meant so much.
We can still hear your words of cheer
And feel your gentle touch.
When we’d set out to bring about
Some special dream or plan,
Your pride in us was plain to see,
You were our biggest fan.
You’d hang in there to help us bear the stresses and the stings
And always know when to let go
So we could try our wings.
Still today was are glad to say
We feel your loving care
In the deepest part of our grateful hearts.
Mom, you were always there!

We love you and miss you,
Dorothy, donna, Joe, Linda, Mary, Michael and Anna