BEST LOVED CHRISTMAS CAROLS – “The title speaks for itself. EWTN has been selling it for the past nine years and each year it still airs a 2004 interview with me about this collection The art is magnificent, the choral arrangements fantastic.”

SACRED CHRISTMAS MUSIC – “I really loved this collection because it covers 2,000 years of music history, the influence of the Latin liturgy, and the excellent collection of manuscript illuminations, and the great motets, Gregorian chant and sacred pieces.”

AMERICAN CHRISTMAS CLASSICS – “Loaded with all of the great secular standards with original recording artists, and maybe one of the finest collections of American Christmas carols, holiday songs and nostalgic illustrations.”

CHILDREN’S CHRISTMAS CLASSICS – “Very few copies are still available and one I am especially pleased with because it replicates to some degree what Walt Disney tried to accomplish with his release of the movie ‘Fantasia.’ His objective was to try and get children exposed to classical music through the prism of movie animation.”

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— By Lou Baldwin