Father John Catoir

Imagine that God is speaking to you directly. What would he say?

I believe that God wants you to grow in his love. He would tell you to decide to live in his joy. You honor God best when you make a decision to live joyfully because of the knowledge of his love. In John 15:11 we read, “I have told you this so that my joy may be in you and your joy may be complete.”

God would tell you to think of others: “Therefore, encourage one another and build one another up,” (St. Paul in 1 Thes 5:11).

God also would tell you not to put yourself down. Love your neighbor as you love yourself. That means, do not put yourself down. Be your best friend, not your worst enemy. Be nice to yourself. Fear is the enemy of joy.

God also would tell you to honor Mary, our Blessed Mother. On the cross Jesus said, according to John 19:27, “Behold, your mother.” By God’s great design, Mary gave us our savior Jesus Christ. Jesus certainly loves and honors his mother. He is bone of her bone, flesh of her flesh. Since we have Jesus living within us, his love for her shines through us.

Now imagine that God is still speaking to you. This is what God, our Father in heaven who is truly in love with his children (including you), would say:

“You do not have to be clever to please me; all you have to do is desire my love. Talk to me as you would to a dear friend. Are you afraid of anything? Trust your fears to me. I will not leave you. Whom do you want to pray for? I know their needs, but I want you to show your love for them, and trust me to do what I know is best.

“Tell me the things you feel guilty about, and I will forgive you. Do not be ashamed of your past, there are many saints in heaven who had the same faults as you. They prayed and gradually their faults were corrected.

“Has anyone caused you pain? Tell me about it. Are you willing to forgive them and ignore your bad feelings? Do it for me, and I will send you a special gift of healing.

“Never hesitate to ask me to bless your body and mind, to send you health and success. I can give you everything you need. Remember to tell me of your love and gratitude.

“Come back to me tomorrow, and I shall have more blessings for you. Go in peace.”