Malvern Retreat House’s active Young Adult Ministry is providing a spiritual retreat for men and women in their 20s and 30s, single and married, to learn about the Catholic Church’s New Evangelization.

This year’s Young Adult Retreat “The New Evangelization — I Believe, and Therefore, Speak…” will explore the meaning of the New Evangelization and how to inspire others through daily actions.

Young adults are invited to Malvern Retreat House May 30-31 to strengthen their relationship with God, connect with others in their age group and participate in activities that enhance their spiritual growth.


The retreat will offer personal reflection time, meditation, faith-sharing, small group discussions, fellowship activities, Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, benediction, confession, Mass, rosary, a candlelight procession and more.

“In the 21st century, the New Evangelization is a critical component of living out the Catholic faith,” said Levi Keene, one of the retreat’s planners. “I think that everyone who wants to continue growing in their faith and deal with all the new demands of society today will find this retreat enriching.”

Father Peter Huynh, LC, will lead the retreat. He is a young adult himself, which helps the young adult community connect and relate to his messages.  “His ability to engage young adults in conversation and capture their interest in God’s Word makes him an ideal choice as retreat director for this retreat,” said Patrick Benner, recruitment manager at Malvern Retreat House.

Father Huynh is a familiar face at Malvern. His involvement with monthly Young Adult Get-Togethers has helped young adults better understand and talk about God and their personal experiences through faith-sharing and social activities.

Since October 2013, Malvern Retreat House has been hosting these Get-Togethers every fourth Sunday of each month for men and women in their 20s and 30s as a way for them to interact with one another and become acquainted with the retreat house.

“Because he celebrates Mass at our monthly Young Adult Get-Togethers, he already knows most of our young adult community and is familiar with Malvern Retreat House’s mission, which is an advantage for everyone participating in this May’s retreat,” said Benner, who also helps run the Young Adult Get-Togethers. “They’ll really benefit from this retreat experience if they take personal time to focus on their relationship with God, away from frequent technological distractions and our busy and stressful lifestyles.”

Malvern Retreat House is offering a discounted price of $80 per person for the retreat if young adults register by April 25. A $40 deposit is required when registering.

If registered between April 26 and May 30, the price is $100 per person, with the $40 deposit. The remaining balance is due by check-in on May 30. The price includes all meals and a private room.

Visit Malvern Retreat’s website for more information or to register online, or call 610-644-0400.

Malvern Retreat House is located at 315 South Warren Avenue in Malvern.