SS. Philip and James School students portray the fifth glorious mystery, the coronation of Mary in heaven, during the living rosary Oct. 13 in the parish church in Exton.

Students and family members at SS. Philip and James School, Exton, prayed a living rosary in the parish church on the feast of Our Lady of Fatima, Oct. 13.

While students carried roses representing the “beads” of the rosary, sixth graders portrayed scenes of the glorious mysteries of the rosary:  the Resurrection of Our Lord; the Ascension of Jesus into Heaven; the Descent of the Holy Spirit; the Assumption and the Coronation of Mary.

Students took turns leading the school in prayer and song.


The living rosary is a long-standing tradition at SS. Philip and James School. This year, the students performed a work of mercy to accompany their prayer. They donated cans of soup, which student council homeroom representatives brought before the altar after the rosary was completed. The soup will go to an organization that helps people in need.