Works by artists including Robin Grass from Everett, Pa., will be on display and for sale at the art show.

More than 100 juried artists will be showing and selling their work at one of the region’s largest art shows this weekend. The event at Malvern Retreat House runs through Sunday, Feb. 8 and includes a number of renowned artists.

“Every piece of art is high quality since we have a high standard,” said Eugene Coggins a member of Malvern Retreat’s art committee. “It is hard to get into the show since the jury process is very rigorous, but we ensure there is something there for everybody — everyone’s taste, everyone’s wallet.”

The wide range of artwork includes a special feature display of fiber art.  One former member of the military, who is now an artist, says she looks forward to participating in the show since she enjoys the process of making fiber art.

“I respect art techniques that people have been using for hundreds of years,” Deborah Johnson said. “It takes lots of time to weave or make embroidery, and I think it’s important since it’s a celebration of being human to create something with your hands.”

Aside from fiber art, the Malvern Retreat House show also includes art forms ranging from jewelry and sculpture to painting and woodwork. Artist Jeff Schaller, who was named one of the top five most influential artists by Business 2 Business magazine, says he enjoys using an ancient practice to make some of his pieces.

Artist Tere Petrovich shows some of the jewelry she is displaying at the art show.

“I create art by using encaustic painting techniques, which was an ancient tradition for the Greeks and Romans that utilizes wax and natural pigments,” Schaller said.

Other participating artists are taking a more modern approach in their work. Emmy Award winning animator Michael Stancato likes to create what he calls “Wabstrack Doodlism.”

“I have a whimsical cartoon style,” Stancato said. “I like to merge spirituality, science, and futurism in my work.”

The show remains open on Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The show is free and open to the public. Visitors can drive through Entrance B at 315 South Warren Avenue in Malvern to park for the show in the McShain-Horstmann Family Life Center.

Proceeds will benefit Malvern Retreat House, the oldest and largest Catholic Retreat House in the country. More information is available at