Little Flower High School welcomed 20 published authors for hands-on writing discussions with students during the day-long Little Flower Teen Writers Festival on Saturday, April 18.

The festival, whose theme was “The Power of Words,” was dedicated to freshman Shea McKnight, who died recently. Last year Little Flower teacher Immaculate Heart Sister Kimberly Miller and author K.M. Walton organized the inaugural festival.

“At Little Flower, we believe that if our students read for pleasure they will be life-long learners, so what better way to get my students excited about reading than by introducing them to the authors they are already reading and loving?” she said. “And since my students have great respect for their work, then who better to help us as educators to teach them how to be better writers?” (Photos by Sarah Webb)


Little Flower students show off some of the books they picked up from the authors who visited the archdiocesan high school in Philadelphia April 18.


Students enjoy a break outdoors during the festival.





The writer’s conference was dedicated to the memory of recently deceased student Shea McKnight.




The halls of Little Flower buzz with students even on a Saturday, where they learned the art of writing during an all-day conference.

Elisa Ludwig

Elisa Ludwig, at podium, listens to student attendees in her break-out session.

Maria Snyder

Maria Snyder offers writing tips.


A.S. King

Writer A.S. King leads a thoughtful discussion.

A.S. King

A.S. King and students

Kathryn Craft leads a class discussion.


Students participate in a writing exercise.

Beth Kephart

Author Beth Kephart and students talk about writing and reading.


Beth Kephart

Beth Kephart reads a passage from her book to instruct students.


Students go through a hands-on writing exercise.

Alison Ashley Formento

Alison Ashley Formento has fun during her presentation.


A Little Flower student concentrates during her writing exercise.


Students share ideas in a group effort.

Anne Greenwood Brown

Anne Greenwood Brown enjoys discussing the art of writing with her young participants.

TIffany Schmidt

TIffany Schmidt

Elizabeth LaBan

Elizabeth LaBan, right, chats with students in a break-out session.

panel discussion

A panel of authors discusses the finer points of writing with students.

panel discussion

the ladies sign their alma matter at the conclusion of the event

Little Flower students hold hands as they sing their alma matter at the conclusion of the Teen Writers Festival.

Kathryn Craft signs books

Kathryn Craft signs books for eager students.

The young ladies were able to purchase books and get them signed.


Many of the participating authors brought their books for sale and signing.


Beth Kephart signs books

Beth Kephart signs books for students.

A.S. King signs a book for a student.

A.S. King signs a book for a student.



A.S. King with aspiring Little Flower student writers.