Deacon Bill Masapollo

Deacon Bill Masapollo

With God’s grace, Pope Francis seems to be startling the world, saying and doing very simple, straight-forward things.

It seems to me most people subscribe to what Francis is doing because whether consciously or hidden in one’s subconscious, what Francis is doing is exciting internal murmurings and reminding us of the profound beauty of living as Jesus would have us live.

What is Francis doing? He is breaching the wall that separates all of us as brothers and sisters by reminding us about the need to honor human and divine dignity, social and economic equality, true freedom and love of our environment.


Christ, through Pope Francis, is revitalizing our conscious lives and hopefully bringing us to act and to satisfy our innate longing to love and provide for a brother and sister who needs to be treated not as property, not as a bargaining chip, but with respect as a man or woman created in the image of God.

These are our brothers and sisters who need an education, who need proper work, who need a drink of water, who need a place to live, who need to be free to love God, who can aspire to live in a world that is not being destroyed by greed and any corrupted economic system and who need the hope of a restored life after having sinned or harmed society. Just as Pope Francis is saying, Christ gave all of us the same message in the Gospel of St. Matthew, 25:31.

Whether you and I are a Mother Theresa delivering many from the challenges of this world or a Geppetto bringing “refreshed life” to one who has been treated as a “Pinocchio” and who wants to be treated as a human being, God’s grace is there for us if we drink fully from the Good News of Jesus Christ.