Father Eugene Hemrick

Father Eugene Hemrick

Why are shootings and other violent incidents in our world increasing? Could one culprit be disenchantment that translates into disillusionment, disappointment, bitterness, unhappiness, faintheartedness, and world-weariness?

Stories abound of devoted employees being dismissed abruptly and immediately escorted out of their office. This approach to firing can easily lead to bitterness that, in some cases, result in violent reprisals.

A new wave of propaganda picturing America as power-hungry and immoral has been spawned to create world-weariness aimed at destroying the so-called infidels.

When unrealistic expectations don’t materialize, it opens the door to despair, disillusionment and the devaluation of life in which taking or losing life doesn’t matter anymore.


And then there are people who are mentally disturbed who need help but never receive any and then they commit outrageous acts because of the darkness of mind that plagues them.

The antithesis of disenchantment is enchantment in which the dark side of life is balanced with the bright side of life. It’s no exaggeration to say it is an extremely delicate balancing act requiring unrelenting persistence, faith, hope and love to keep it wholesome.

Persist in standing upright and not toppling despite life’s weighty problems. This is why we need faith, hope and love as companions. When they are present in our lives, this translates into truly believing that goodness surrounds us. Nothing is ever hopeless. Maintain a loving heart despite disappointments.

When we feel desperate, we can pray the Psalms that repeatedly remind us of the awesome world God created and our responsibility to imitate the God-given laws that protect its order.

Enhance the lives of those whose minds are darkened and plagued with feelings of meaninglessness. Prayerfully reflect on the possibilities at your disposal.

Would violence decrease if we practiced a little more civility with each other? Would it diminish dramatically if social justice was increased, restoring confidence, hopefulness and love in those needing it most? Would less violence exist if we contemplated more deeply God’s role in curtailing it? Would life be more wholesome if more of us reached out to those who have lost meaning in life?