St. Anselm School, Philadelphia, will hold its 10th annual Race for Education on Friday, April 29 at 1 p.m. on the school grounds located at 12650 Dunks Ferry Road in Northeast Philadelphia.

Proceeds from the race will be used to purchase items for the school’s play yard and for other essential educational needs. Students will walk a quarter-mile area around the school for one hour and each classroom will individually perform student- and teacher-written cheers.

The Race for Education is St. Anselm School’s biggest fund raiser of the year. Students solicit donations from friends and family for months before the event. In the past, funds raised from the race have been used to purchase iPads and laptop computers.

“St. Anselm School strives to provide a superior educational experience for our students, and fundraisers like the Race for Education provide us with the funds to purchase the best technology and equipment available,” said Geraldine Murphy, principal of St. Anselm School. “All donations and support are greatly appreciated by the faculty, staff, students and parents at St. Anselm School.”

For more information about St. Anselm School, call the school office at 215-632-1133 or visit the school’s website.