Nine students of Mother of Providence Regional Catholic School, Wallingford, read their prize-winning poems to a supportive audience at the Delaware County Poetry Competition held May 15.

The competition was sponsored by the Delaware County Library System and the Mad Poets Society, and held at the Redwood Community Playhouse in Upland Park.

The poets from Mother of Providence and the works they read included:

Kaylin Fava, Grade 1: First Place for I Like My Tooth
Luke Kinne, Grade 1: Third Place for Skiing
Cameron Hatala, Grade 3: Second Place for Dragons
Maya Rose Chavis, Grade 4: Second Place for The Shadowlands
Kaitlyn Weir, Grade 4: Third Place for Spring
Emily McGinn, Grade 6: First Place for At The Sea
Maeve McMahon, Grade 6: Second Place for Grains of Sand
Theresa Haas, Grade 7: Second Place for Waiting
Lily Bernard, Grade 7: Third Place for The Best Kind of Friend

Two of the poems follow:

“I Like My Tooth” by Kaylin Fava

I like my tooth and it isn’t tight.
I wiggle it all day and night.
When my tooth falls out
I am as lucky as can be.
Soon the tooth fairy will come to me.
Oh in a tick and a tock a coin under my pillow there will be.
Yip yip yippee!

“At the Sea” by Emily McGinn

As I climb up the tallest mast
I can see the waves moving fast.
The wind blows gently through my hair.
I can feel a cool mist in the air.
Below the sailors tell the tales of the sea,
With a scent in the air as sweet as can be
As I tie my hair up tightly
I can feel the boat rock slightly
The ship is many miles from the land
But here I can hear the birds singing like a band
All their songs in perfect tune
Just as the sun sets revealing the moon
I have many friends out here
And it’s sad to see the journey end grow near.